Gun Story

From Reader Dave L.:

Should you run out of stuff for your blog (highly doubtful) here’s nice piece of gun porn. It’s a Uberti Cattleman in .357.  I really like the case hardened frame against the blued cylinder and barrel  (me too — K).

I bought this some years back when the gov did an “economic stimulus” of $400 for veterans.  I decided that the best thing I could do with the check was to piss off Nancy Pelosi and buy a gun so I took a ride up to H&H in Oklahoma City.  I may have paid a bit too much but I fell in love with the look and just had to add it to my collection.
I went with .357 because I have several revolvers and one long gun (Rossi 92) in that caliber.  I have .38 and .357 reloading dies and about 3500 rounds in stock.  The pistol rides in a nice holster that I bought down in Mexico back when it was safe to cross the border.
If our idiot governor had signed off on Constitutional Carry, this was going to be my BBQ gun.  It shoots pretty straight and with a stout hollow point .357 load I don’t think that I’m going to need more than six anyway.

“Hi, my name is Dave, and I’m addicted to pretty guns.”

Everybody say after me…


  1. Looks almost identical to a Ruger Blackhawk .357 I had many years ago….
    I took it to Alaska with me in 1980 as back-up when I was running trap lines for beaver and wolf. Long story short, I fell onto hard times and traded it for a phone bill in Los Angeles. Nice comfortable, hard hitting gun.
    …wish I still had it.

  2. I recently picked up a similar pistol, only I opted for the 45LC caliber since I already have several .357’s. I’ve shot 44 mag before and 45 acp, but the 45 long colt is such a mild shooting big bore that it has quickly become my favorite. Very beautiful gun above.

  3. As an update our current governor did sign off on constitutional carry. Waiting for blood in the streets …… At least we can shoot back. Thanks for posting the picture.

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