Well-Earned Reward

This kind of thing makes my head ache.

Father deserts family when kids are young.  Then, years later, kids (or one of them) becomes Rich & Famous basically through talent and/or luck.  Whereupon Runaway Dad, who did fuck all to help and has since Fallen On Hard Times, suddenly reappears (usually following some media discovery) and bemoans the fact that he’s No Longer Part Of The Family, or similar.  Like in this case.  Whereupon my reaction:

I remember John Lennon once telling that his father walked out on his mother and emigrated to New Zealand before John was born — and the next time he heard from Daddy Dearest was after the Beatles exploded onto the music world, when his father wrote to him asking for money.  Lennon’s response was as expected:  caustic and dismissive (think:  FOAD).

Now, of course, someone like Adele (whose talent is astonishing and her success justified) is going to get some stick from the Bleeding Hearts Brigade because she somehow owes this asswipe a piece of her vast fortune.  I hope that her response is even more extreme than Lennon’s, and should be quite simple:  “He wasn’t my father;  he was just my sire — and he doesn’t deserve shite  from me.”  (Her Cockney frankness is one of her more endearing features.)

Stick to yer guns, darlin’.  Never mind all those Commiesymps at The Sun.


  1. Remember, the media is filtering this thing to show you exactly what they want you to know – which is, all white doods are poison and need to be extinct.

    It’s well known the courts are anti-husband.
    Also, some women’s behavior and attitudes turn anti-husband after childbirth.
    That’s right, after the kinder is spawned they go from Dr Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk over night and the husband flounders trying to save himself.

    Unless you know this guy personally it is not wise to comment about him.
    Media filter.

  2. I have zero background to address the subject.

    My four grandparents reluctantly left Ireland in the 1860s. First stop was Rhodesia, then to Canada, then to these United States of America. Poor, yet ambitious with a vision.

    I grew up on a farm, all four grandparents lived next door. Every Saturday was a family re-union with everybody, cousins and aunts and uncles and extended ‘family’, singing and dancing and reciting poetry and playing instruments. Food, you wouldn’t believe the food! My childhood was rich beyond measure.

    With this as my foundation, apparently, I am genetically incapable of empathizing with the poor and stupit and intentionally inept. And this’s merely another example of Caucasian Burden.

  3. I’ve known of two situations in our suburban town where husbands disappeared; you could hear their respective wives (in one case with the addition of a mother-in-law) screaming at them two blocks away when they came home from work.
    In the other the wife was given to upbraiding her husband during the kids’ soccer (football for you Euros) game. Neither, to the best of my knowledge, played around.
    Considering the courts during that period in that state, I don’t find it surprising that these guys ran away; also unsurprising: neither of the boys turned out all that well.
    Yeah: there are some guys who can’t shoulder the responsibilities of being a parent and then there are some who are forced out.
    Please show some pity for both, particularly the latter.

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