Get-Together And Shoot

From Longtime Reader GMC70 comes this announcement:

“Kim, we are organizing a WWII combat rifle shoot for October 12 here in El Dorado, Kansas, and would be honored to have your attendance, or that of your readers. Likely to have just about any battle rifle of WWII vintage there that you can imagine, and hopefully a Thompson as well. Trying to arrange some belt-fed goodness. Fundraiser for our local WWII museum.”

Unfortunately, I cannot attend myself — of all the weekends in the year for my adopted daughter to get married, she had to pick that one — but to all my Readers:  get over there and enjoy yourselves.

GMC70, post details in Comments, willya?

Damn… I feel like biting the head off a mamba.

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  1. Damn Kim; I’ve made a comment on your site! Honored.

    Anyway, your GPS can guide you to El Dorado, KS. If you’ve not had the opportunity to get behind a Garand, or an M1 Carbine, or an Enfield, or a K98k, etc; here’s your chance. Will post additional details as to times as the day gets closer, but basically ten dollars in to poke around, watch, talk – and to shoot? a dollar a round, and shoot what you like. Eight bucks, for example, gets you a clip in a Garand, and the lovely “ping” when you empty the magazine. Range is supervised at the local lake, on state park land – very nice. Will be safe, and a good time for all. Brass to take home as a souvenir, and your target, if you like.

    Should have some pistols as well – vintage 1911, a P38, a Victory S&W for example. While I can’t afford an actual MP40, I’m intending to buy the BB gun version (full auto) just for fun.

    We’d be honored with any and all of the good folks here. Hope we have hundreds of folks, and run out of ammunition!

    And Kim, bring the adopted daughter along – the facility could host a lovely wedding! (just kidding – mostly . . .)

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