1. From elite to deplorable, just like that.
    Kinda neat. lol

    More! Faster!
    The beatings will continue until the screaming stops.
    Oh yeah, I know where they can make about $10 each right now.

  2. They could start with Congress… THEN move on to the media. But that’s just my suggestion.

  3. I’m torn between wanting to send the poor, hapless “reporters” job applications for crash test dummies, or terminal ballistics test subjects.

  4. So PuffHo ab0rted their beautiful, diverse, inclusive baby? I may have to seek medical attention for my schadenb0ner.

  5. The issue though is this is a bit like a burst appendix. All these millennial “journalists” are now out of work and will spread to newsrooms across the country. They will all take their particular cancerous rot with them. A local respected newspaper here and there suddenly becomes good for little more than fish wrap. A somewhat moderate news site here and there suddenly becomes unreadable. A local news station suddenly takes a hard left turn and becomes good for little else than the weather report.

    Yeah, Huffpo could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, but at least it kept a bunch of NPC SJW types bottled up in one location that reasonable people could safely ignore.

    1. BTW, tweeting #learntocode is now considered hate speech on Twitter and will get you put in the time-out box.

      Of course, calling for doxing, death threats, and demands for expulsion of a pack of teenagers is a-okay with them…

  6. Has nothing to do with being laid off, but after almost two years online, today was the first day discovering you were back. I look forward to your wit and wisdom. What a joyous day!
    My condolences on the loss of your lovely bride almost two years late.

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