1. Looks like her mouth is permanently deformed by too many dicks in it. Definitely “just oh my god” a train smash woman.

  2. I was going to pass this by, but early morning curiosity got the best of me. Only actually read part of the story, but I could not ignore 1)the number of different “head shots” of her appear in the article, and 2)the number of different outfits she was wearing for this newsworthy article. Did she provide the reporter with her portfolio to assist him in his research, or did it come from her agent?

    Final thought: next time, pay the full 10 pounds (UK) and buy the Bed Shaker 1000, complete with rechargeable batteries and AC power adapter (for an extra 5 pounds (UK) you can get a solar panel for recharging.

    1. LOL Cathy. I WAS referring to the vibrator, which resembles a medieval torture device.
      As for the woman: I believe Ron White’s term “cock holster” would be an appropriate description. Would that be an appliance?

  3. Ya know Honey, if your fingers ain’t good enough for you get yourself a dog and a jar of peanut butter……

  4. Those cheap watch batteries are the problem. Next time, get something that takes good ol’ D cell batteries.

  5. The little human, bouncy-house, lady Cassie bought a multi purpose tool, good for removing plaque from teeth, grout from tile and tension from the female pleasure entrance and then it almost caught he on fire, not a fault but a feature since she now has international exposure letting the world know that from time to time she is in desperate need of tension release.

  6. valine76 beat me to it, a proto train smash woman in the making. Have to be sorry for the typical Brit male if that is what is in the field for the picking. Shivers those images do cause.

  7. I have a very good old friend here in Texas, he knew his mom was right so he decided to abuse himself only until he need glasses. We his motto was those are my parts and I will wash them as much, as fast, and as often as I want to, unfortunately he is now legally blind, perhaps too much. However the good news is he recently renewed his Texas concealed license and he says if he can reach out and touch the bad guys he can shoot them.

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