Helping Hand

Here’s some interesting news, following on from my earlier post:

The OhMiBod Remote app allows users to choose different modes for their vibrator, adjusting the speed, intensity and pattern as required.
It’s hooked up using Bluetooth and can be controlled from anywhere in the world – meaning those in a long-distance relationship can get in on the fun.
Those with an Amazon Alexa will be able to control their toy simply by yelling at their Amazon assistant device while getting down and dirty.

Yup, I can see it now:

“Alexa, fuck me in the ass!”
“I’ve sent your banking records to the I.R.S.”

Cold day in hell before I let this piece of shit into my house.


  1. The term for such technology is known as teledildonics. I’m not kidding. One clever marketer used the best possible slogan for such a device on the packaging: You’ll c*m when you’re called. Please don’t ask me how I know such things.

  2. @CW DXer:
    Everyone needs a hobby.

    As to Alexa, Siri and all of their ilk, not only no, but fuck no.

  3. “Cold day in hell before I let this piece of shit into my house.”

    Alexa or the vibrator?

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