Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Choirboy saunters up to a young woman on street corner, shows her a weapon and attempts a little involuntary financial redistribution, whereupon Our Heroine pulls her gun and shoots the little asshole in the neck, said wound eventually sending him to join Hell’s Chorus.

[pause to allow cheers and applause to die down]

This incident would be fairly unremarkable except that it happened on Chicago’s South Side, and the young lady in question had an Illinois carry permit (!!!), which as any fule kno is of hen’s teeth scarcity.  [Note to the gun confiscators:  this is how you reduce violent crime; not by disallowing law-abiding citizens to carry guns.]

Note too that this is an incident of gun violence (duh), but as any right-thinking person would agree, the right kind of gun violence.

(Thanks to Reader Brad_In_IL for the heartwarming report.)


  1. You got it all wrong Kim.
    That poor misunderstood victim of mistaken identity and gun violence was simply asking for donations
    to his churches choir. His choir that travels all around Chi town helping the poor and feeding
    the hungry. His death is another point proving white supremacy and racism. The female Nazi that murdered him should be arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

    See, I’ve made the news of the miscreants death palatable for the libs.

  2. Interesting that the link led neither to WGN nor to the Sun-Times. Are you sure we’re allowed to know about this shooting?

  3. Kim,
    I knew this story would warm the cockles in your heart. As for the paucity of legal CCW holders in IL . . . a quick web search revealed the numbers. There are fewer than 300,000 CCWs in the total population of about 12.8 million. If my math is correct, that’s just a touch over 2%. While the CCW here is “shall issue” getting one does take some work and also involves considerable expense & time. First, one must obtain the $10 FOID. Said person then must take a state-mandated 16-hour class. I’ve seen prices for that class range between $175 and $300. The class can’t be taken everywhere as it has a live-fire component. Did I mention there are no public indoor ranges within the city limits of Chicago? Then there’s the cost of the license – $150 and it is good for five years. Oh wait . . . it gets better. Within 120 days prior to expiration, one needs to complete a 3 hour renewal refresher class. I think those are running in the neighborhood of $75 to $100 … and then the $150 license fee repeats … so … while the IL legislature did enact concealed carry (under directive from the federal courts), it is rather expensive.
    As for Our Heroine, one could imagine that her cost of CCW plus pistol, plus practice ammo, training and range time, she could EASILY have spent a couple of thousand bucks to get proficient. I’d argue that my life (and hers) is worth way more than a few thousand dollars, but IL has put what I would call substantial roadblocks in the way of being able to exercise one’s naturally-occurring civil liberties.
    And don’t get me started about incoming Governer “JB” Pritzker. He and house speaker Mike Madigan are poised to ban all sorts of normal “in common use” guns/accessories such as semi-auto rifles with detachable mags, mags with more than 10-round capacity, etc., etc., etc. You may recall my previous description of JB — the “Miserable rich-boi, fat fuck, toilet-yanking, property tax-avoiding, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life” feckless moron. Nothing more need be said.
    Lastly Kim, I do wish I were in a position to leave IL but because of family/career considerations, that’s not possible at this time.
    – Brad

    1. You may recall my previous description of JB — the “Miserable rich-boi, fat fuck, toilet-yanking, property tax-avoiding, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life” feckless moron.

      And those are his good qualities…

  4. That link isn’t readable here, but it seems the lady’s money – not to mention the time spent in practice – was well spent.

  5. One of my sons and my ex-wife are both concealed carriers in Illinois. Only my son practices, though.

    I own a farm in Illinois and considered moving back there when I retire. Madigan can’t live forever, and the downstate people are pretty damned fed up with the Chicago parasites.

    If Brad_in_Il is right, I’ll have to reconsider moving back.

    Brad, I escaped to Texas. You can too.

    1. @LPDBW,
      I too know several concealed carriers here in IL-Annoy. Mostly because of expense and limited time, I have not gone through the state-sanctioned colon inspection to get the IL CCW. However, just like immunization, when I’m around them, I have a degree of “herd protection” from that which lurks in the dark shadows.

      As for Madigan not living forever, etc., whoa Nellie. Hold on to your britches good sir. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. I suspect it would be nice for you to live near extended family, but mark my words. There are plenty of Chicago-based foul turds waiting in the winds to take Madigan’s place, many of them equally or more corrupt than he, many of them more statist/leftist than he. Point in case – Gov Elect Pritzker is more than 20 years younger than Mad Mike Madigan. My advice .. STAY THE FUCK IN TEXAS. Even Austin, on its worst liberal day, is better than just about anywhere in IL.

      By the way . . . what you say about down-state IL being tired of Chicago – 100% spot-on. I work in McHenry County (what I call Cornville or Banjo-land) but live in Lake, very close to Highland Park, worst of the worst dens of looney lefty limo liberals. Your characterization could not be more correct.

      Lastly, if your son, ex, or anyone else you may know is near Lake County, check out my Meetup group. I organize shooting events and have a solid core group of participants. Any anyone else in the area who’s reading this, have a look too. I welcome one & all and seek regular participants for the group.

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