1. No, no, no, you have to ROCK it to get it unstuck from the sand…..

    I SAID I’d do anything you wanted for $100, and you told me to paint your porch, don’t you like the yellow?

  2. Curves, smooth beautiful curves on the body and the woman ain’t bad either. I like the old rounded voluptous automobiles, and women too.

  3. Oh yes, a 356 Porsche. A delight to drive.
    And the story to go with it.
    Soon after i got my drivers license, I was partially employed by a small local foreign car shop as a go-fer. The duties were to pick up parts, clean parts, pick up customers cars and deliver them. Well, this one spring day, the shop owner FORCED me to take a 356B Cabriolet to the state inspection station. This had to be done after school. SO, I HAD to drive this Porsche to school and after school to the inspection station then back to the shop. By the most circuitous route imaginable. Then a few hours later, to deliver it to the owner. Top down of course. A delightful day it was in spite of a day at school.

  4. 1. How to hide a Porsche in plain sight. (Look closely. There’s one in the picture.)

    2. There are certain advantages to “rear mounted.”

    3. Ther likelyhood a fat, 60-year old multi-millionaire is just outside of the picture: 90%.

  5. Alas, the poor millenial hipster was not going to catch this bird as she “…really didn’t care about vehicles that had manual transmissions”.

    But, the hipster would later be relieved to learn that “she” already had a “stick” of her own…

  6. Hey Miss, please don’t be so slow
    I got time for one more round
    And a six pack to go
    Tomorrow mornin’s Sunday
    I’m gonna be feelin’ low
    So please, please, Miss
    I wanna six pack to go….

  7. With one of these, I can get one of those (Dude in car to chick).
    With these, I can get one of those (Chick to dude in car).

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