1. There’s three different Timberland outlet stores here in Orlando. Every few years, I drop by one and grab a couple of pairs – they’re usually on sale.

    Good boots – they have wider sizes, too.

    1. We don’t have ’em here in north Texas. You have to buy Timberland boots from DSW or Nordstrom’s limited selections, or else deal with the VERY limited selection at Academy.
      Guess it’ll have to be online…

  2. I have an exceptionally low opinion of Timberland which entirely informed by other people’s experience, never having owned a pair myself. My rule of thumb is “If it’s worn by a rap poseur, it probably sucks.”

    On the other hand, I can personally attest to the durability of Danners. I’ve got a pair that are nearly two years old now that are very nice. I will readily admit that their laces suck and they are lacking in arch support. But they’re durable as hell.

  3. Second the motion on the Danners. Lost mine in Hurricane Ike, when 5 ft. of saltwater inundated the garage. Having just moved in mere weeks before, I hadn’t unpacked the “winter” boxes, as yet.

    For the arches, some Dr. Scholl’s (or other) insoles help, there. For laces, paracord of your choice.

    Red Wing though, is right out. Made in USA, from Chinese sourced materials.

    Timberland? I think that’s more of a fashion statement than a work boot.

    Pro-Tip on “alternative” work shoe. Skechers makes carbon-fiber-toed Certified Safety shoes, in tennis shoe styles. Not as cumbersome as traditional safety boots. Bonus: they drive jobsite foremen CRAZY, ’cause they look like a “violation”, but they aren’t. *heh*

    Those might make a good UBER/Lyft work shoe for ya, Kim. Can bear the weight of pax luggage when you have to use a toe to help get an overweight bag up and moving. PLUS, some protection for your tosies when ya’ve gotta kick some Hippie ass.

    And there’s always some Hippie ass whut needs kickage.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    1. Nope. Uber shoes are Minnetonka moosehide moccasins, best driving shoes ever invented.
      As for Timberland: I don’t care about fashion statements; all I know is I used to have a pair — wore them in Chicago winters — and they were fantastic. Lost them on a road trip ten years ago, missed them ever since.
      As my favorite L.L. Bean “snow sneakers” are finally falling apart after only twenty-five years’ hard wear, and Bean aren’t making that exact type anymore, I’m settling for some boots.

    2. “Timberland? I think that’s more of a fashion statement than a work boot.”

      Sorry, but that’s just plain false.

      I’ve been wearing Timberlands as work boots for about 25 years now, and they’re great. Comfortable and durable. They usually get replaced when I damage them (cuts in the leather from kicking stuff). I’ve only had one pair just flat wear out, and those were daily wear work boots for about eight years. I still have them, I just can’t wear them at work.

  4. The stores went away because the idea of “work boots” is offensive to those who don’t want to work.

  5. Kim – good advertising, terrible boots. The uppers appear to be stitched to the soles but are actually glued. The one and only pair I owned literally came apart (as in in soles flapping). Not real work boots!!!

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