5 Worst Things You Can Say In A Business Email

In ascending order of “you’re gonna get fired”:

  • “Screw what H.R. says.”
  • “When I was in San Quentin…”
  • “My project will come in well over budget and a year late.”  (unless you’re a liberal politician, in which case you’ll be just fine;  you might even get a promotion)
  • “I’m sorry about the affair with your wife, but…”  (bonus points if you’re a woman)
  • “On our next business trip together, bring some edible panties… again.”

Your contributions in Comments.  Bonus points if your contribution ever got you actually fired.


    1. Yeah? Well the guy that owns our company is so tight that when he farts only dogs can hear it.

  1. > “I’m sorry about the affair with your wife, but…” (bonus points if you’re a woman)

    If you’re a woman who says that it MIGHT get you a promotion.

    1. Double bonus points if a man says to a female supervisor:
      >”I’m sorry about the affair with your wife…”

  2. ‘And quite frankly, you can blow it out your ass’

    And that wasn’t even the best line of the whole email.

    Does it count when it was the receiver who left his job less than two weeks later?

    The boss did tell me that it was the ugliest email he’d ever read.

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