Moving Day 1

So I’ll be moving into my new apartment later today, with the kind assistance of friends and family:

That’s not everything, of course;  the contents of Ye Olde Ammoe Locquer will require a separate trip:

…and needless to say I’ll be moving the humble remnants of my once-extensive gun collection myself:

Oh, stop it.  Remember that in Texas, this is referred to as a “starter” set.

The big stuff — furniture, appliances etc. — will get moved on Monday.

And speaking of assistance:  if anyone cares to spare some couch change to help me defray expenses, your generosity will be much appreciated.  This “starting afresh” business is expensive.


  1. Now you see that there is why you need a pickup truck, not that furrin volkswagen that wants to grow up to be a station wagon someday…

    1. Hey now… mock me all you want, but leave the Tiggy (FYI: my SECOND Tiggy) out of it.

  2. Do the smart thing. Spend the money it takes to rent a truck and get everything in one load instead of trying to move it piecemeal with your car/friends cars. It saves time, money, and your back.

  3. In May of 2017 I sat down and figured out that I had moved, on average, once every 18 months *since 1984*. This includes the year I spent in Iraq, Boot camp, and A-school, but none of the other deployments (basically “address changes”).

    I *never* thought of that.

    Then again, a lot of those moves were in places where the pallet jack/truck wouldn’t be of much use (2nd story appt. with no elevator etc.).

    Thanks for the idea though.

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