Making America Great Again

According to the conventional “wisdom” among the Leftists, God-Emperor Trump is a flashy  simpleton who’s thrashing around without a clue, pissing off our allies and screwing up the country etc. etc. etc.

I’ll go with the “flashy” because well, that’s kinda undeniable — but that’s just Trump’s style.  What he’s doing, however, is far more profound than most people realize.  We all know his signal domestic achievements — conservative Supreme Court judges, tax cuts, nuking all the tiresome regulations which Democrat-controlled government apparatchiks have been inflicting on both businesses and individuals:  all this and more, as well as driving the Left to frothing rage with his importunate and (to me) funny tweets, as he sets about radically changing the country’s zeitgeist from hapless Bush-era globalism and malevolent Obama-era neo-socialism into… greatness.

That’s all well and good;  but what about foreign policy?  This has always been a Republican strongpoint (Nixon, Reagan etc.) and a Democrat disaster area (Carter, Clinton, Obama ’nuff said).

Trump is proving to be a past master at the Great Game, all the more impressively so because he has no foreign policy experience.  I could go on and explain it, but Sundance has beaten me to the punch.  Go there now and read it all, because it will explain Trump’s actions and strategy better than I could ever do.

Back?  Good.  Now here’s what I think.

I think that Trump’s actions are quite definitely not off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment improvising.  Yes, his technique may be so — he’s definitely a ready-fire-aim kind of guy — but behind that, I’m pretty sure that he has a very comprehensive plan, and that plan has come from several years of thinking about the U.S. and its relationship with the rest of the world, and what he would do to change it back into our favor.  In other words, Trump has been wargaming this situation and his plan over and over and over again, and now that he’s POTUS, he’s putting it into practice.

I hesitate even to say this;  but if I’m right, Donald Trump may turn out to be one of the most consequential Presidents this country has ever had.  He is so far removed from the stupid, incompetent and venal Barack Obama that it beggars any attempt to quantify it.

All we have to do, we citizens of the United States, is to ignore the howling from the Left and give him the tools to finish the job.  That means voting into office a Congress which will support him — oftentimes despite themselves — and, of course, reelecting him when the time comes.

We can worry about 2024 later, but it will involve putting someone into power who will have not only the knowledge but the sheer balls to continue Trump’s plan.  If we can do that, there will be no stopping us;  and we will make the 21st century an American one, just as we did its predecessor.


  1. I was very skeptical two years ago, but I agree – he’s doing a great job.

    His methodology isn’t all that mysterious if you’ve negotiated with high-powered execs. They soften the beach with complaints, threats of moving business, etc… Then you get there and they love you and treat you like a long-lost friend. At that point you are so relieved you agree to anything.

  2. ….so he goes with this great big buildup to meet with the Norks, and then gives Lil’Kim pretty much everything Kim hoped to get (including the legitimacy of being in the same room as POTUS) and gets a kiss and a promise back. Bah, if that is the best Mr. 3D chess can do, I will pass.

    He has done some decent stuff in some places (pulling out of the Iran deal) but they are things I would expect any GOP POTUS to do.

    He may be better than the alternative, but I don’t think he is all that by any stretch.

        1. Right. I’m gonna go with Shep Smith, The Hill, and Foreign Policy as reliable indicators. Couldn’t find anything from National Review or

    1. You’re right, he should have just kept doing what has been disarming NorK for the past 50 years. It’s worked perfectly so far.

  3. As much as I would like a clone of Trump in 2024 on the ballot, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Having spent my entire life in NYC and doing business for a couple of decades with C level execs in Manhattan he is pure NYC business guy. Comment above said the same. You don’t build a multi billion dollar empire and thrive in Manhattan for 50 years without being an Alpha dog. BUT … the safe bet is that Mike Pence gets the nod in 2024.

    While Trump has bent and twisted the Republican apparatus, he has not destroyed it. The good old boys machine is biding their time. Pence came up the ladder the old fashioned way. The machine knows that. They know that it is back to the old way come his turn.

    Trump is unique, he will accomplish stuff we never thought possible. But remember Bush 41. Went from RR to blah overnite. Remember the 16 “other” Republicans who were the best and brightest in the primaries ? This is the bench the Rs have, but Pence is the guy. All undistinguished and low energy losers.

    When the American public is faced with another possible 8 yrs of mediocre Republicans they may go Dem big time. Trump himself predicted “we” would get tired of winning. Remember that this country elected the Kenyan TWICE.

  4. 2024…

    Reagan’s great mistake was HW Bush. Maybe he could have thumbed his nose at the moderates and picked DuPont or another actual conservative but he didn’t. Bush made it his job to undo everything Reagan achieved as quickly as possible. It made him a failed 1-term President but he probably still thinks it was worth it.

  5. Anybody else here remember the days of effete Europeans sneeringly referring to Reagan as a “cowboy”?

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