Weekly News Roundup

 1) ‘Ice Pick Killer’ During Texas Execution: It ‘Hurts’Good.  Wish it had hurt more.

 2) SCOTUS Judge Anthony  Kennedy To Retire In JulyLiberals’ hair catches fire for the umpteenth time since November 2016;  End Times predicted.  I’d say more but I’m deafened by conservatives cheering.

 3) Bronx will elect a hardline Commie to Congressoh wait, that’s not news, sorry.

 4) Commies Go Apeshit In New YorkWashington D.C. And Portlandsorry, not news eitherWhat should have been news was that cops opened fire on the anarcho-assholes, but sadly, that didn’t happen.

 5) Germany Crashes Out Of 2018 World Cup — …which makes it twice in seventy-odd years they’ve had to retreat from Russia, only this time they can’t blame the weather. 

 6) Britishland Continues To Melteven the swans are being boiled alive:

…and people are (mostly) getting tanned:

…but some are unaffected by the heat: 

7) SCOTUS Tells Unions To Quit Stealing People’s Moneynext on the agenda:  abolishing public-sector unions altogether.

And finally:

 8) Warning Issued Over Drinking Too Deeply Of Liberal Tearsdon’t care.  Cheers, everyone.


  1. Kim, I’ve been eagerly awaiting your take on #7, since I’m directly affected by it, in a very good way.
    Still not tired of winning!

  2. Regarding #5: The guy on the left in the glasses looks almost EXACTLY like the character of “Dieter” played by Mike Meyers in the recurring sketch “Sprockets” on late 80’s SNL (back when it was funny.) Right down to the half-formed sneer.


    Wait, a sneering German? Has someone notified the Sterotype Police?

    “Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!”

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