1. “As any fule kno, I’m not much for Hallmark holidays (like today).”

    Yeah, but when your progeny come ’round with gifts, dinner, their profession of love, and appreciation for what you’ve done for them it still warms the cockles of your heart.

  2. This is the message I sent my son after having received a nice Fathers day gift of specialty brews:
    ” Dear XXXXX;
    Thank you very much for the fine brews in celebration of Fathers day.
    However, you have already given me the very best fathers day present
    that ever could be.
    The finest present for a father? Simple, he sees that his son has grown from
    a squalling little bundle of noise and with a little bit of guidance now and then, has
    grown into a fine responsible member of society, bringing good things and beauty to
    our society.
    There can be no better thank you to a father than a successful son.
    And that you are.
    Thank you

    Love ya

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