1. I wondered if those round black things are the left were Oreos but it turns out they are some sort of stuff called black pudding which it turns out is blood pudding. Don’t think I ever have or ever will eat blood pudding knowingly but the rest of that looks great. I looked up the 6 pound conversion to dollars just now and it came out to $7.99 which is a hell of a deal and I had no idea the pound had fallen as low compared to the dollar. That’s a hell of a good deal for a breakfast and a great way for a sumo wrestler to keep his weight up.

    1. Why won’t you eat black pudding? It’s delicious. Especially with poached egg and a dab of Hollandaise sauce. And id you know that there’s a martial art based on using a (whole) black pudding? It’s called Ecky Thump. 😀

      Beware! You might just die laughing.

  2. All of the above would make a great frittata but what the hell is with the baked beans? Please explain.

    1. Those are almost certainly not “baked” beans. Every damn delicious thing in an English breakfast is fried. Those English are just lazy Mexicans. They don’t mash their beans before they fry them. I think they pre-fry their grease in thicker grease to make the best damn fry-up on the planet.

  3. Good Googamooga…can someone please pass the jelly?!

    Indeed, “break-the-fast”. Morrison’s is near-on to serving the perfect breakfast and at a loss leader price. Well acquainted with a Latin style breakfast of some combination of fried chunks of pork, stir fried beef strips, red onion salsa, sausages including blood sausage, tamale and hard rolls.
    Beans for breakfast; in Peru, supper’s leftover beef, beans and rice in combined in a breakfast dish called Tacu-Tacu. Pretty much a do-it-to-suit meal, it’s Down Home cooking.
    Perhaps 40-years ago, when diners were still some “dew drop inn”, a local diner in Fairfax, Virginia served an ultimate breakfast. Shoe-horned onto a platter, it contained a short-stack of pancakes, potatoes with sausage gravy, topped off with two eggs. On weekend mornings, some patrons substituted a long-neck for coffee. All to the accompaniment of a chef who alternately sang along with the juke-box, offered personal advice to the ears of everyone or offered sure to win tips at the track.

  4. Good Lord. If ate that then went to the office, I would be most unpopular with the folks sitting anywhere near me.

  5. Pffft, that’s not a full English. Where’s the mug of tea?! Kim, love ya to death but yer clearly not acquainted with the members of the human race referred to as a ‘Whitley-ite’, aka my local Morrison’s core customer, to whom this would represent a mere snack.

    1. I agree. This breakfast shows potential, but it requires the following changes before I’ll approve it:

      1. Ditch the beans, tomatoes, and black puddings.
      2. Chop the sausages and ham into bits.
      3. Scramble the eggs and fold in the mushrooms, sausage, and ham to make an omelette.
      4. Replace that dry, bland toast with a stack of pancakes, and bring me lots of butter and syrup.
      5. Add a mug of hot coffee.

      Or I could just go to IHOP, where I can order that kind of breakfast right off the menu.

  6. What idiot put tomatoes in there? That’s real estate that could be used by another egg or some more bacon. Sheesh.

  7. That’s fine for a portion size. Remember, you breakfast like a king, lunch like a man, and sup like a pauper. That said, the local site has very poor reviews, so I won’t be indulging.

  8. The most disturbing thing about this article was that it was in Daily Mail’s “Femail” section.

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