Don’t Go There, Lefty Fuckwits

Apparently, this latest round in the saga of Leftists’ desire for general citizen disarmament has them yucking it up about gun owners’ “cold dead hands” mantra, as seen in this revolting video.

Just to make it perfectly clear:  we’re not joking.  And if your response is, “Nor are we,” then I guess I need to buy some more ammo, and your storm troopers will have to buy more body bags. Assuming you’d have enough storm troopers, by the way. (Because we all know that you’d never try to take away our guns yourselves, you braying cowards.)

This is no joking matter; this is deadly serious stuff we’re talking about. Too many Americans have died defending our Constitution for the rest of us to submit meekly to this kind of subversion. And all your bleating that “20% of Americans support our gun confiscation agenda” simply means that 80% of us don’t, which is why the Second Amendment will never be repealed.

Choke on it. And watch as our numbers grow.


  1. And this is why expanding concealed carry has been the biggest victory for gun rights (and conservatives in general) over the last 30 years. It has turned a theoretical question (what is someone else’s right to something I do not care about) into a kitchen table point for many families. It changes the question from what good grandpa’s gun locked up at home in a safe to should my wife/daughter carry something in her purse in case she is attacked. With 14 million + carry permits; everyone outside of leftist redoubts knows someone who carries.

    BTW – this is really the main reason they are fighting tooth and nail in places like NY and CA against shall issue. Once it becomes an option (and the nay sayers proven wrong relative to the dangers) then it becomes popular and the whole debate moves about one or more standard deviations to the right.

    As an example, here in Missouri we went from having to get a permit from the sheriff to buy a pistol, to barely getting concealed carry over the goal line to constitutional carry with not much fuss in about 10 years.

  2. Good old Big Hair Ann Richards lost her re-election for Texas Governor to George W because she refused to sign the concealed carry bill passed by the state legislators. Ann was totally convinced and she told the press every time she had a chance that legal carry would end up in gun fights on all the highways and interstate roads in Texas. She knew we could not be trusted yet here we are now and ‘carry in your car’ without a permit is legal as well as years of CHL holders who mind their manners.

    Talking to friends from California who were staying with us for a family event this past weekend reminded of how goofy closed minded and unhooked from reality those folks are. And I was once more seeing that they have no interest in listening and learning about responsible gun owners, they just know people should not have evil semi-auto guns and ARs and AKs. When I try to point out the 1911 semi-auto is a design over a hundred years old it makes no difference. We never had a chance to discuss how or by who their take away guns would work and I was never so glad to see visitors head back home in my life.

    They even told me that there are some people who have thousands of rounds in their homes that make the neighbor a potential disaster area if there is ever a fire and I said, “Huh?” and smiled.

  3. I did the math a while ago. It still applies.

    I can’t find where I worked the rest of it out, but it roughly goes like this. There are 800,000 sworn officers. Based on paramilitary logistics, you can expect no more than 1/4 of them to be actual door kickers — and that’s BEST case scenario. That’s 200,000. Let’s face it — if that happens, cops are going to be mowed down left and right. If it is just SWAT trained officers, more like 50,000, tops.

    So, take your 50K. There are 150,000,000 gun owning households. Based on previous confiscations (“Mandatory turn in”) you get about 2% compliance in America. Let’s say your get Australian levels of compliance — which was about 40%. That leaves 90 million raids.

    Let’s say that the cops are really, really good, and they only lose one cop every 100 raids. A paramilitary unit becomes combat ineffective at 20% losses, although they are really ineffective at 10% losses (decimation). When the cops take 10K losses, they are no longer an effective raiding force. So, with the most advantageous, best case scenario for the cops, they become combat ineffective and lose the Hot War on Guns with 50 million gun owning households untouched.

    The real reality is that after 100 or so cops are killed nationwide, all the SWAT officers quit and go work in bakeries or deliver for FedEx.

  4. Typical SJW- wants something to be done, and wants someone else to do it for them.
    Which is ironic, considering that the same Leftist slime that want cops and soldiers to go around killing gun owners are also working hard to openly demonize and insult cops and soldiers, and make their lives as difficult as possible.
    Keep doing that snowflake. I’m so sure that your charisma will make all those evil racist cops and soldiers jettison the Constitution, shoot their friends, family, mentors, and then turn to you for leadership.

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