1. “Reasonable gun control is hitting your target and nothing else!”

    I’m OK with the GOP using that.

  2. “Reasonable gun control is amending the constitution to require all citizens to possess and be proficient with at least one firearm as a prerequisite to voting.”

  3. Kim, I’m curious as to your thoughts on mandatory safety and handling training. I’m in Canada and have had firearms since before they were licensed, but my oldest son had to take both a gun safety course then a hunting safety course to get his gun permit and then his hunting license. The trainers were all old guys, mostly ex-military, police or game warden, and very good. The gunshot wound video was gross enough to shock. Each course was a two day course, spread over 2 weekends.

    I took the courses with him to see if I was being stupid about some gunnish things and I was, and remarkably stupid in some cases. Quite embarrassing really, since my dad had me popping away with a .22 at age 6 and let me blast away with his P.38 just a few years later.

    Many Americans on both sides of the gun seizure debate, I refuse to call it gun “control”, would be surprised at how loose and lax our requirements are up here once one has the permit.

    Could you live with Republicans agreeing to mandatory training?

    1. > Could you live with Republicans agreeing to mandatory training?


      Because if you set a bar it can always be raised, and the Democrats will raise it until most cops couldn’t pass it. Then they’d put in an exception for police and raise it again.

      We don’t *NEED* any more gun control. There is *maybe* some work around the margins that could possibly keep a few guns out of the hands of criminals–things like providing the ability for people to do background checks on person to person transfers[1], and better reporting of felonies and mental incompetence adjudications (which is a GOVERNMENT failure, btw), but these sorts of things will result in saving a rounding error number of lives.

      If the Republicans give *ANY* ground at all they’re out of power permanently, because they’ll lose the house and the senate permanently, and the next time we get a fascist in office they’ll go after guns hammer and tongs.

      That will be the end of America.

      [1] Which has YUGE privacy risks if done badly, but could be done well, which one do

  4. Same-same with “Secure Storage Laws”. See “Approved Trigger Locks and Safes”.

  5. Our Canucki gun trainers are all private enterprise, but you’re right about government control.

    The course requirements are approved by the RCMP, which is another police force enmoled at management level by a crowd of lefties, so yes, trouble may be on the way.

    We had long gun registration here for a few years until it was repealed by a Conservative government. I don’t think it will come back, particularly because gun owners have long been declaring quite forcefully that they will not comply with any new registration law.

    But governments gotta govern.

  6. Jezza, the Hamster, and Captain Slow were last seen at this location in a homebuilt howdah attached to that pachyderm. The Stig could not be reached for comment.

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