Filthy Lucre/Crass Commercialism etc.

As I am unemployable by Global MegaCorp Inc. and all that this entails, I must needs find a way or two to supplement my feeble retirement income.

I’m told I should “monetize” my website (i.e. raising money from my poor efforts at this here back porch). Over the next few weeks I will be phasing in this monetization bit by bit, because this is all new to me and I’m feeling my way round the thing.

Okay, here’s the first step. Over in my Blogroll on the bottom right-hand side of the web page you will see this link:

When next you decide to buy ammo (and we are all interested in buying more ammo… right?), please give these folks some consideration. I’ve bought from them myself before (a couple-three boxes of Hornady XTP 185gr. in .45 ACP, to be exact) and the price was very reasonable. I will be doing more bulk buys from them in the future because that’s where they seem to do okay vs. the other online ammo suppliers.

Here’s what happens: clicking on the link takes you to a page which, for your first purchase, gets you a discount off your order — and from that order and all subsequent ones, will kick some of that order amount back to me (like the kickback scheme). So every time you buy ammo from these fine folks through this website, you’ll be supporting me in my writing / blogging, which means I won’t have to beg Global MegaCorp for a job or sell my body through (The chances of me earning money from the former activity are just as low as from the latter.)

Summary:  buy your ammo through this website; help keep Kim solvent, keep yer ammo locker stocked, AND make Chuck Schumer cry big gun-grabbing tears of impotent rage. 

That’s a win-win-win right there.


  1. I’m good with firearms related ads from reputable companies – just keep the links for toenail fungus cures, hot Russian women, and secret CIA underground UFO bases under control – although I might go for a hot CIA woman UFO pilot as long as her toenail fungus wasn’t too bad.

  2. Funny !
    I was about to write to you tomorrow (snail mail) about this very topic.
    I have both the Delta Elite and the Ruger SR1911 in 10mm and can’t see what all the fuss is about – recoil.
    I mostly reload, but when the need arises, I go to; a nice rundown on who’s charging what;
    just be careful of shipping costs.

  3. “just be careful of shipping costs.”

    Indeed. Kim, I plead ignorance as to the inner workings of the whole ‘Amazon kickback’. However, I would be happy to click on your sidebar and see you get a cut. Have you considered Brownell’s and/or Midway? I get almost daily emails from them, and every so often they offer promo codes for free shipping, including ammo. I scored some (more) 45 ACP and 9mm from each of them during the recent holidays. Also, I live in the DFW area. Would be delighted to meet you on the range sometime.

  4. I sent them a note asking if they’ll ship to crook county, IL. Some places will now (it is legal) but a lot simply stopped when our crooked AG threatened to sue any/all vendors who shipped to IL without a FOID copy, and also support crook county when it had its unconstitutional ban in place. We’ll see if I can even buy ammo there. Their FAQ only mentions chicago.

    FWIW SGAmmo and Midway do now ship here.

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