Question Of Taste(s)

Home again, with absolutely no trouble at Heathrow from the TSA (Brit version) on this occasion. (Getting through DFW was another story, but that’s a tale for another time.)

Just as when I arrive in a foreign country, my first instinct is to dive into the local food and drink — e.g. Wadworth 6X and steak ‘n kidney pie in Britishland — the first thing I did when arriving back in Texas was to gorge myself on BBQ, washed down with copious quantities of bourbon. (Doc Russia seems to be in league with Mr. FM to destroy my liver. I love my friends.)

This morning, it’s the turn of Noosa yogurt with honey, and Krispy Kreme coffee. Yum yum.

I’m back: tanned, rested and ready. For what, I’m not quite sure.


  1. Come see me at SHOT. I can give you a brief tour of where the pretty guns are, as well as tell you some good small places to eat- like the Cafe Berlin that has awesome schnitzel, or the Shawarma Vegas, which is Glatt kosher and speaks for itself. Do not miss the ladies at Fausti- if you see nothing else at the show.

  2. Also, the Antique Arms show is fri-sat-sun(26/27/28) at Westgate resort and casino. Like a museum for fine firearms except everything is for sale, and at nice prices.

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