1. I assume that the first four exist only in your imagination?

    Couple of old stand bys:

    Yellow River by I.P. Daily
    Under the Bleachers by I.C.Butts.

    and so on.

    1. What do you mean, in my imagination? They’re on the grade-school reading list in California.

      1. Will I hoped they where not real. but if they are in California I would not be overly surprised. They are such a well spring of moral behavior.

  2. You Can Make it Fit and Here’s How

    What Grandma and Grandma Do And Why They Don’t Look Like You

    Mommy, Moloch and Me

    Life’s Gonna Suck When You Grow Up by Dennis Leary (this one is sorta real)

    The Future Financial Status of the Social Security Program (this one is real)

  3. -The Lil’ Anarchist Cookbook
    -The Bear Party Pop-up Book
    -The World Sucks, and It’s All Your Fault Whitey!
    -Atrocities of the Thirty Years War Coloring Book
    -The Dog Dies at the End (Newbury award winner)

  4. “Daddy Drinks Because You Cry”

    “See Dick Run. See Jane Spot” – a sex ed textbook for elementary school kids.

  5. Nobody Forgets When You Wet Your Pants In Kindergarten

    You Shouldn’t Have Sat With The Weird Kid

    Let’s Cook Meth!

    Teacher, Brian’s Dad Owns Guns
    Book #3 in the Li’l Stasi Adventure Club Series

    Oh, The Stories You Could Tell! (If you hadn’t promised that this would be our extra special secret)

  6. Seriously;

    ERIC, OR LITTLE BY LITTLE, by Frederic W. Farrar

    THE WATER BABIES, by Charles Kingsley (shudder)

    Any of hundreds of Disney-adulterated versions of Winnie The Pooh (sucked out all the subtle)

    Just about anything Judy Bloom ever wrote (somebody please take ‘relevance’ out behind the barn and kill it)

    and I agree with IT TAKES A VILLAGE

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