Missing In Action

Yesterday I was in Salisbury, doing the tourist thing (pics and AAR to follow). Today I’ll be traveling in the Cotswolds, visiting towns of great beauty — a follow-up, if you will, of the trip Mr. FM took me in the Porsche, when I was unable to see anything except the blur of scenery and the sight of cyclists falling into roadside ditches.

Today may see more of the latter, but I will be stopping to see the blurred things in focus. That AAR will appear on Sunday.

See y’all tomorrow. I’ll just leave you with a completely gratuitous pic of one of my favorite guns of all time (and the piece on which I learned to shoot handguns), the Beretta Model 75 in .22 LR:

The frame wasn’t designed by Pininfarina, but it could have been.

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  1. Definitely a neat-looking pistol. But I still would rather have my grandmother’s 1st Model Woodsman, her squirrel gun. 🙂

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