1. I have to disagree with #2, there are lots of nice places on the Jersey Shore, Cape May, Point Pleasant, Wildwood Crest to name a few. While my wife and I didn’t Honeymoon there (we went to Aruba) we’ve had lots of nice vacations to the area.

    The trick is you need to get down to the SOUTH Jersey shore, stay away from Seaside Heights, Asbury Park, etc. Full of New Yorkers like Snookie and company.

    Besides, it doesn’t matter much where you honeymoon as long as you have the basics, you’re gonna spend most of your time naked in your room anyway.

  2. My list:
    1. Moscow, Russia (where Bernie Sanders honeymooned)
    2. Pyongyang, North Korea

  3. I’ll play.

    1. Jinja, Uganda,
    2. Marseilles, France,
    3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
    4. Ulan Bator, Mongolia,
    5. Berkeley, California.

  4. Momma and I did a driving honeymoon back in 1976 and we visited Montreal and Quebec City. I wanted to see where Benedict Arnold was wounded in Quebec and look at the old fortifications. I was very much into Revolutionary War history back in those days. Quebec was an interesting place and they were fairly tolerant of Americans as long as we spent lots of money and kept our mouths shut. Montreal wasn’t as pleasant The people were rude, the food was lousy and the beer wasn’t even very good. Just like France I guess.

    I stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan for three days on a business trip. What a dump. To use the old joke the rooms were so small that I had to go outside to change my mind. Drunks passed out around the hotel, homeless people living on the sidewalks, 24 hour noise, and a general atmosphere of dirt and crime.

  5. Anyone whose honeymoon destination is based on ‘lets have an exotic adventure’ deserves to have the experince turn into an alt.sex.stories nightmare.

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