Why I Hate Change, Reason #1,758

Alert Readers will have noticed the disappearance of the Comments link at the end of each post. This is because I, in an uncommon fit of modernization, clicked on the “Update Your Template” link from TurdPress, and the results are as you have seen.


Should you wish to comment, you now have to click on the post / article heading, which will take you to that post’s page, wherein you will find the comments.

Sincere apologies, but [10,000-word rant against change deleted]

To make everyone feel better, here’s a picture of a place I intend to visit this afternoon, in the Old Town part of Salisbury:

If that doesn’t improve my mood, nothing will. Of course, if the weather becomes more shitty than it already is — not an unknown event in These Yerrre Parrrts (and it’s already teeming outside) — then Mr. FM and I will just stay at home and attack a case of whisky.


  1. I noticed this yesterday and thought about making a comment about the comment but I, where was I going with this? Yep, I dislike upgrade improvements with glitches which never seem to get ironed out like the older versions. Good luck to you today and I am enjoying reading daily about your adventures.

  2. So another advantage of tracking my favorite blogs via RSS. It takes me to the post rather than the home page and comments are visible with no extra effort.

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