More Guns, Not Fewer

It appear that at least one Congressman has seen the light, following today’s shooting of some Republican politicians at a baseball training session.

Rep. Chris Collins told a Buffalo television station that, after a shooting Wednesday morning at a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia, he will start carrying a pistol while he’s out in public.

“If you look at the vulnerability, I assure you: I have a carry permit. I will be carrying when I’m out and about,” Collins, a Republican from suburban Buffalo, told WKBW. “On a rare occasion I’d have my gun in a glove box or something, but it’s going to be in my pocket from this day forward.”

Nice to know you’re going to take some commonsense steps towards protecting yourself from random assholes, Chris. Now what about the millions of New Yorkers who, unlike members of the protected class like yourself, are denied the same right to self defense? Ever tried to get a carry permit in New York state without being a member of the nomenklatura?

Here’s the bigger picture of the thing, gun-wise. This leftwing asshole supporter of Bernie Sanders was shooting people pretty much at will, because not one of the people in the target group was carrying a gun in his gear bag. Were it not for the unbelievable bravery of the Capitol Hill security folks (handguns against a semi-auto rifle? are you kidding me?), this little episode would have ended only when the asshole ran out of ammo, or all his targets were dead.

Here’s the hypothetical: if (say) eight of the baseball players had had a gun in their gear bag, and were able to return fire when the scumbag started potting people in the outfield, can anyone doubt that this tragedy would have ended better than it did?

And the opposite: if you think that more guns in this sad episode would have made the situation worse, you deserve to be eaten alive by crocodiles.

We can talk some other time about the Loony Left becoming unhinged, and calling down the thunder on themselves.


  1. And they are doubling down. I just sent you a couple of articles, one of which is how a female, Republican Congresswoman has already received a threat.

  2. Time for a Sense of Congress resolution affirming that the phrase “keep and bear arms” is inviolate: Any Time, Any Place!
    Perhaps the Robed Wonders would notice?

  3. A security detail shouldn’t;t be going anywhere without at least one rifle.

  4. Reality check: Congresscritters are no more bulletproof than are the rest of us.

  5. A good friend of mine was a victim. Maybe the most seriously wounded victim. He’s not a congressman.
    I think between this tragedy, and the heroic citizens in Tennessee stopping the two escaped murderers who had been on the run for 5 days last night, that Congress is going to get its head out of its ass and send a sensible package of gun rights reform legislation – including doing away with DC’s stupid gun laws – to the President.

    1. CounterT my good friend,
      Please give your wounded buddy my warmest regards and hopes for a complete recovery. And I would venture to suggest that I speak for all my Readers in this case.

  6. If you want more warm, fuzzy feelings, check the news on how the escaped inmates in Georgia were caught.

  7. > And the opposite: if you think that more guns in this sad episode would have made the situation worse,
    > you deserve to be eaten alive by crocodiles.

    In the general case maybe, but these were Congressmen.

    Republican congressmen.

    Why would you suspect higher competence in shooting than in the freaken jobs?

    OTOH, their shooting couldn’t be much worse.

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