Out And About

Sorry about the paucity of posts today. There are two reasons:

1. Last night Doc Russia and I were renewing our acquaintance, so to speak, in that he was telling me all about his African safari, showing me videos, pictures and so on.
2. Yes, there was a certain amount of liquor involved, hence my mild hangover and sleep-in this morning.
3. The place was devoid of food, so we had to remedy that by visiting several of the food emporia in the neighborhood.

Normal service will resume tomorrow, with a piece on the difficulty of buying watches.


  1. “Watches?”

    You must be one of those people who doesn’t use a cell[1] phone.

    (Just kidding. I know there’s applications for watches, like if you’re out in the boonies long enough that your cell phone runs out of power or something.)

    [1] note I didn’t say “smart” phone as even the dumbest $5 cell phone has a clock.

      1. That’s depressing. I always liked his writings and enjoyed sharing them with my brother and mother who are nurses.

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