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Is it just me, or is the news nowadays really boring? I’m sure that to some people, it’s fascinating to watch the intrigues surrounding The Donald’s Executive Orders, or how the Socialists in the Democrat Party are doing their usual petulant-spoiled-child snit because they can’t get their own way, and of course there’s always the Loony Left who are still running around with their hair on fire because omigod-Hillary-wasn’t-elected-and-now-we’re-stuck-with-literally-Hitler! (Pro tip: not even close. In fact, if you look at their respective proclivities and ideologies, that Stalinist sow Hillary Bitch Clinton is far closer to the actual Hitler than Donald Hairstyle-Casino Trump.)

Then there’s the non-news, usually revolving around a Kardashian or some equally foul “reality” star (all of whom, I am glad to say, I know little or nothing at all), whose latest nude “selfies” have been “leaked” to Britain’s Daily Mail or whatever, or who have fallen in / out of love with some tattooed thug / rapper / loser [some redundancy]. To me, this is like having favorite performing seals at the zoo, and following their cute antics and tragedies and joys and heartbreaks and, and, and… and is that not a good description of reality TV? Does any of that shit actually matter to anyone who doesn’t write a gossip column / host a TV show? Does anyone care that some trailer-park artiste named Mama June (who actually looked like a walrus, according to some picture I saw which attached itself, burr-like, to my memory) has lost half her body-weight and now looks merely repulsive as opposed to slit-my-wrists grotesque?

Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh. Because I’m right now at a stage of my life where I honestly don’t give much of a flying fuck about anything, perhaps the Republican “replacement” for ObamaCare really is a stinker, or it isn’t. Maybe it’s a Big Deal that Senate Democrats, that bunch of neo-Trotskyist turdbrains, are risking the “nuclear option” of a simple majority vote (having created that little bit of parliamentary legerdemain themselves, anyway) that would put Trump’s guy Gorsuch in the Supreme Court. And maybe the ceaseless yowling of the Left and their publicity arm (a.k.a. the mainstream press and TV) means something in terms of how it’s affecting Trump’s First 100 Days. (Which, by the way, is an equally-specious construct because a hundred days means sweet F.A. to anything. What if the number was 105? 110? 92? They’re all just numbers, artificial deadlines meant to put pressure on a new President, and they, along with the people who have created this artificial yardstick, mean precisely squat.)

And maybe the riots on campus and inner-city streets by the frigging loonies of the so-called “antifa” are going to continue apace without any action by the Justice Department or local police forces — right up until a couple of Korean shopkeepers grab themselves some AR-15s and start doing a little riot control on their own behalf. (You can stop all that cheering and clapping now; it’s a hypothetical.)

And maybe Russia did this, and maybe they didn’t; and ditto the Israelis, or the Brits, or the inhabitants of Outer Assholistan, whoever the hell is breathlessly “discovered” to have influenced blah blah blah, b-b-blah blah blah —  is it any wonder that we look on this bullshit as though it were just a plotline of Days Of Our World Turns General Hospital? (Are any of those shows still airing? No, don’t tell me; I care even less about them than I do about Amy Schumer’s latest fiasco, or maybe it’s not hers but her Uncle Charlie’s.)

Here’s my take on all of it: it’s all bullshit, the whole fucking lot of it. Everybody’s either lying, making shit up or telling the absolute truth, or telling partial truths. Nobody can tell the difference nowadays, so in the absence of a decent alternative, I’m not going to believe a single thing anyone tells me anymore — whether it’s the President, the Congress, the Pope, the EPA, the CDC, the FBI, the State Department and especially the lying Jackals Of The Press (JOTP) — I’m going to assume that each and every one of them is lying their asses off, and I’m going to ignore them all until the bullets start to fly.

Which is what I think will have to happen before we can start trusting these assholes again, because it’s no longer in vino veritas; it’s in telo veritas — in modern terms, truth at gunpoint.

In the meantime, I’m going to concentrate on turning the 5,000-odd photographs of my adult life into pixels so I can finally throw away that damn giant shoebox of prints which I’ve schlepped across the Atlantic and over much of the United States for the past three decades.

That will have more meaning to my life than anything that mountebank Mitch McConnell says or does. Until the bullets start to fly, of course. And I don’t even care about that — because I am, as ever, extremely well-armed myself. They can all go to hell; I’m already in Texas. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range.


  1. The other day I accidentally caught part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (the TV was tuned to that station from the night before, and it was on while I sought something else to watch). I have to admit Kim doing jumping-jacks (to get in shape for some MILF video she was going to be in) is….distracting.

    On the political front, Jeff Cooper (PBUH) said it best: “If you’re not a Liberal by the time you’re 30, you have no heart. If you’re not a Conservative by the time you’re 30, you have no brain. And if you’re not a curmudgeon by the time you’re 50, you haven’t been paying attention.”

    1. I must have been an ‘early bloomer’, at least according to Mr. Cooper – I’ve been about 10 years or so ahead of his schedule at every stage… 😉

  2. Mark D,
    This part of the quote is attributed to Winston Churchill:
    “If you’re not a Liberal by the time you’re 30, you have no heart. If you’re not a Conservative by the time you’re 30, you have no brain.”

    This part might have been added by Jeff Cooper:
    “And if you’re not a curmudgeon by the time you’re 50, you haven’t been paying attention.”

    Not to be overly anal about it.

    No, I think we as sheep dogs have let the wolves distract the sheep with endless crap on the telly. Soon we will need to do something to get the insane asylum running again so we can cage up the more dangerous of the wolves and all of the goats.

    In the mean time, keep your powder dry and your guns in a good state of repair. things could go sideways fairly quickly at this point.

    1. PaulB: Yes, I know the first part was Churchill, but the last part is all Cooper (AFAIK, he may have lifted it himself).

      The Revolution ™ has been predicted regularly for the 25+ years I’ve been into guns and shooting, and while there have been local outbreaks (Rodney King verdict for one), there has yet to be any national-level strife. Not that local outbreaks can’t kill you just as dead as national level, if it happens locally to YOU.

  3. The media never lies, and I say that in all seriousness.

    Think about it. These pikers? FAH! Bagdhad Bob could wipe the Matt with any three of them. Goebbels and Stalin told porkies and made them official literally at gun point. And people STILL knew they were full of shit.

    Once you know the agenda, you know the truth of anything these bullshitters care to talk about. I respectfully think our host may be a bit short sighted here: you may not be interested in politics, but politics is definitely interested in YOU. Doubly so, if you have the means to oppose them and defend yourself. I may well be wrong; I hope so.

  4. With the light givers group out of power and the youth screaming “we was robbed” because “we want Bernie” I think that make The Revolution closer than many times in the past. If our side of the coin gets mad we do not go violent without cause. The other side is barely contained violence from the get go. That is the main deference. We will have to see how it plays out.

  5. Kim, I agree completely with everything you said but the pictures. Don’t throw away the prints. I’ve been burned by digital storage is all I can say. At least keep the photos that mean anything to you. And if you have any that mean anything to you and are only on digits, then get them printed.

  6. Great “Kim” post regarding our “interesting” times. Good to see you off to the range again.

    I also agree with MG about the photos. Pixels are fine for everyday, but prints won’t suddenly turn up corrupted if stored in a safe place.

    1. I can’t help but feel some doubt as to the eternal accessibility of digital media. So, I have a large shoe box of prints. That’s not going to change.

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