That’s Why

When people discover that I emigrated from South Africa back in the mid-1980s, a fairly common question is: “Why?” Here’s why (via Reader PeterB and Moonbattery:

[South African] President Jacob Zuma said 2017 is the year of “taking land back to the people” and for this reason government will seek to change legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

So like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, the South African government is going to steal property (that’s the true meaning of “expropriation without compensation”) from Whites and give it to Blacks. Considering how well this has turned out in the country just to its north, where once-productive land now lies fallow and an exporter of food (Rhodesia) now has to import what they once produced in over-abundance (Zimbabwe), this was obviously a slam-dunk decision for the Marxists of the African National Congress. Like all Marxists, the intention (Right the wrongs of apartheid!) is more important than the outcome (national collapse into bankruptcy, violence and anarchy), ending up with a billionaire ruling class, no middle class and a poverty-stricken underclass (see: Venezuela, Cuba, etc.).

And it will result in that same outcome, as surely as night follows day. Oh well. I would get upset, but I need to go and trim the dog’s toenails.


  1. Sadly, the only real surprise in this is that it has taken far longer to happen than I had originally anticipated. South Africa will crumble and become another source of attacks against civilized nations and the U.S. in particular.

    Welcome back to the battle!

  2. No doubt China will be happy to provide some assistance. Look for them to break ground for the Zheng He naval base somewhere in South Africa soon.

  3. “that’s the true meaning of “expropriation without compensation”)”

    Kim, in this country they call it “reparations”. And an increasing percentage of the black “leadership” is peddling the line that robbery with or without violence of whites is justified because of it.

  4. As I’ve said many a time, Zimbabwe is just South Africa in a hurry.

    My grandparents were Boers (hell, we were voortrekkers, boy, we were at Blood River! that’s why we have the church! blah, blah), and although the phrase “cautionary tale” wasn’t known in the 1960s, hoo boy, was Rhodesia ever used as one.

    Mandela was “the ruin of the country”. He wasn’t expected to destroy the country himself, of course, but he would give it to the dogs that followed (his successors).

    Of course, all this talk was racist, black majority rule could only be a good thing for the country.

    And no worries, it could have been. But in 1994, ZA didn’t just switch from white rule to black rule, it switched from capitalist rule to socialist rule. And, in many ways, from rule of law to tribal rule.

    It is not, as the American Martin Luther King stated, the colour of the leader’s skin, but the content of their character that mattered. Mandela was a “troubled” leader (was he ever), and he believed a lot of untrue things, but at the end of the day, he actually did want the best for all South Africans. His successors, not so much. They want payback, and revenge.

    Well, they’re getting it. And, as Zimbabwe did, they are doing so by driving away all the skilled human capital needed to run a successful country.

    In the 1960s, South Africans were offended if you referred to the country as “third world”, because they considered themselves just as civilized as any other British colony (like Hong Kong, Canada, or Australia). In a few years, they’re going to be trying to upgrade to reach the level of third world.

  5. Hey Kim;

    I remembered in the 1970’s when Rhodesia was considered the “breadbasket of Africa”, but it was legislated away and Jimmy Carter had a hand in it and the country became “Zimbabwe”, the lands that were owned by the white ranchers and farmers were seized and distributed to the soldiers of Robert Mugabe who after stealing everything off the land, had no idea how to run it. Now Zimbabwe has to import food and they have a high inflation problem. This was a warning to others that go the same route. When people are more interested in vengeance and payback than trying to form a functioning society with the rule of law, it becomes the rule of the strongman that needs the perpetual “strawman” to keep the populace quiet and distracted. I read a few years ago that more farms were being seized in the name of “social Justice” and the famine and inflation will get worse.

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