Trying Out

When I quit blogging back in 2008, Loyal Readers from the time may recall that the Son&Heir was trying his best to make TeamUSA in the 10-meter Air Pistol and 50-meter Free Pistol events.

For the benefit of New Readers, however, I need to digress for a moment so I can explain what all the above means.

My son is unquestionably one of the finest shots I’ve ever seen — far, far better than I ever was. This is not Dad-bragging; he was heavily recruited by the Army to enlist so that he could join their Marksmanship Unit, and had he not had a small health issue, he could have walked into the Fort Bragg sniper school (once again, not bragging: one of the Army’s sniper instructors wanted to recruit him, until I told him about the health issue). Apart from his pistol shooting, about which I will speak later, he s an astounding rifle shot, capable of shooting minute-of-angle (MOA) at 400 meters (i.e. shooting and hitting a 4″-square target at 400 meters distance) without a scope. He’s done it, in fact, using my old 1906-manufactured bolt-action Swedish Mauser, using 6.5x55mm surplus (not target) cartridges.

Now for his pistol shooting: as a junior, he was many-times Texas state champion. As a senior (over 18) at the National Champs at Fort Bragg in 2009, he was ranked at #13 at Air Pistol, and #17 at Free Pistol, and subsequently improved his rankings to #7 and #13 respectively. This was enough to get him onto Team USA’s “development” squad. (They like people who can shoot in two events; saves on travel costs.)

This meant that the Son&Heir had a shot [sic] at making the team for the 2010 London Olympics. (Only the top 5 make the actual team, and he was competing against the kids from the Army Marksmanship Unit, so it really was only an outside chance.) So off he went to Trials at the USOC range in Colorado Springs, but sadly, he was unable to improve his ranking, so the Olympic dream ended.

Life then intervened in the form of his college commitment, and he stopped practicing three times a week. Brazil came up, but it would have screwed him up scholastically so he didn’t bother. He entered a few [Texas] collegiate Air Pistol events, and won all of them, against (admittedly) poor competition. Now he just shoots for recreation, “…when I need to hang out with old friends.”

By the way, he graduated cum laude so that, at least, wasn’t a waste of his time. Now he’s taken up indoor rock climbing, both for recreation and to help with that little health issue I referred to earlier (something to do with his lungs; nothing critical).

He also has a pretty girlfriend, whom we all love. She’s from Canada, but we’re a very inclusive family. (Comment from Daughter: “She’s far too nice; what’s she doing with him?” Ahhh… siblings.)

The Son&Heir will be 28 on his next birthday.


  1. Thanks for the update Kim. Hated when you shut down all those years ago and excited about your return. Mighty sorry to hear about the grand lady.

  2. Welcome back, Kim… although very sorry about the circumstances, of course. Look forward to seeing what you have to say.

  3. No reason he can’t get back into shooting….though I’d like to snap him up for the International Muzzle Loading Team. We could use some more good shooters.

    Mike OTDP

  4. I kept looking for his name on the West Virginia University and University of Kentucky rifle team rosters. They basically trade the NCAA Championship back and forth. I’m glad he is doing well. Thanks for the update.

  5. Wow. All growed up. Ours are now 30 and 24. Remember the rifle well, Kim, and your 45…..Happy days

  6. It’s good to get updates – especially when it’s good news about Son&Heir, who – from the sound of it – gives you have every right to be the ‘Proud Papa’. It is good to have a dead-eye shot in the family, should the need for food or protection from vermin be necessary. If he was raised right (and I can’t imagine you doing it any other way), I hope that someday we can hear stories of the pitter-patter of little feet. I know that when my children started reproducing – it allowed me to add ‘Proud GrandPa’ to my existing title of ‘Proud Papa’. 😉

  7. Good to hear the update. I still sometimes brag that “Iknowa guy whose son was in the running for Olympic pistol.” What can I say? I live vicariously sometimes. 😉

    1. Nothing wrong with living vicariously. I jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft once. Turns out I should have kept the vicarious aspect as it’s much less frightening.

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