1. First!
    Crikey, what a pain to register. Not your fault, Kim, working with satellite and two competing laptops.

    Good to see you back! is about all I had to say. Adding this site to my list!

    1. Sorry, Ed… but as I don’t have Tech Support v.1 anymore to build a registration database, and TS v.2 actually has a life outside fixing this website up, we’ll all just have to put up with WordPress’s routines.

  2. So glad to see you’re back, Kim. And so sorry for your loss.
    I was fortunate to find your blog over a decade ago, right after I was dealing with my mother passing from a recurrence of a brain tumor. Then my step-dad died a year later. Reading your musings and taking the gratuitous gun images was a simple solace in a tough time for me, so a long delayed “Thank you” is in order I suppose.

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