Not Interested

For some reason, this story made me feel good today:

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN says he is a ‘snooker fake’ who should not be playing.

The Rocket is bidding to extend his record of seven UK Championships after beating Matthew Stevens in round one yesterday.  But O’Sullivan, 47 next month, said: “I shouldn’t even be playing at my age.  I don’t take it too seriously.  I find it all quite funny really.  I have a bit of an impostor syndrome.  I felt happier when I had that run of losing five finals.  But when I started winning tournaments again I didn’t really feel I deserved it.  It felt like a plot to allow me to do it, and I felt like a fake.”

“When I won the worlds again in May I didn’t feel great about it. I am feeling flat to be honest with you and don’t want to play snooker at the moment. I don’t play much and really don’t care. I mainly keep coming because it’s something to do.”

Easy to say when you’re the greatest snooker player of all time.  But I love his honesty.

Here’s Ronnie not caring…  yeah, it’s four hours long, but then again, it’s absolutely incredible.  Watch it tonight, for a Friday Night Movie;  or you can watch the first 15 minutes for the opening frame, and then the last few frames.

Agricultural Totty

Apparently, there’s this Brit TV show called Our Yorkshire Farm, starring the matriarch thereof, Amanda Owens (45+).  I use the “matriarch” term advisedly, as she has foaled no fewer than nine chilluns (!!!) while working the sheep farm.

Here she is:

When not in farm gear, she doesn’t look too bad, either:

When asked how she still manages to look so good, she apparently replied, “chasing lambs, fakery and underwear” (which automatically endeared her to me, by the way).

She and her husband have split up, incidentally, but she still works the farm with him.

Sex Education (1)

I’ve been watching the outstanding Brit TV show Sex Education — which, after a shaky start in the first episode-and-a-half, has turned into must-watch stuff for me.  (I’m currently just into Season 2 of 3.)

But this isn’t a review of the show.  Rather, I want to focus on [sic]  a couple of the totties who star in the show.

Here’s Maeve, played by Franco-Brit actress Emma Mackey, as she appears in the show (as the school slut):

You can see that she’s pretty, but of course the character hides her true beauty:


Looks like a combination of Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot, n’est-ce pas?

And then there’s tomorrow’s vision…

Friday Night Movies

From Over the Pond, a Touring Car race at the Goodwood Revival (what I done missed this year sob sob) that features practically every Le Mans-winning driver of the past two decades, some former F1 drivers, NASCAR’s Jimmy Johnson, and Rowan Atkinson:  all driving cars what I loves (okay, the Ford Galaxies not so much).

Part One

Part Deux

Next year, I promise… I’ll sell some guns if I have to — just watch me.