News Roundup

As if Monday wasn’t bad enough… here’s the roundup:

is this even news anymore?

not to outdone in the “importing crime category”, President Braindead steps up.  And:

the odds against the scumbags being imprisoned, repatriated, shot at dawn etc. are so high even I won’t make book on it.

From the Dept. of the Blindingly Obvious:

like we all didn’t already know that.  And:

you don’t say.

how I wish this were actually true.

bring back DDT, and this will all be over.

From the Dept. of Suckage:

tribute song (and my favorite) embedded in headline.

as I’ve never ever adopted “low-fat dairy” products, this has no interest for me at all.

…the Brits should do what we do:  ignore those supra-government WHO assholes completely.

thus proving, once again, that all centrally-managed systems cause shortages and rationing.

the world’s most powerful electron microscope could not find the sympathy I have for them.

[insert “French wanker” joke here]

And on that note, it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


and here she is:


If that were true, I’d still be 18.

And lastly:

and here she is:

I think I’m going to start an OnlyFans account.  But instead of showing off my ancient decrepit body, I’ll show scenes of me shooting hippies and Commies, which may prove popular in some circles.  Might as well collect some moolah for defense attorneys before my (inevitable) arrest for breaking some BidenLaw or other.


  1. On the “lip service” article:

    Um…aren’t Barbie (and Ken) dolls known for being anatomically incorrect? Did she get her ladybits stitched shut? That’s what comes to mind when the article talks about “mak[ing] it look like a Barbie doll.”

  2. “…shooting hippies and Commies…”

    What? No combat pix of you serving God & Country in the bush dealing with the ANC?

  3. You can have my former daily alcohol allowance, which was about 15 beers and a half pint or so of whiskey

    They should be cutting down on being such statist cucks — not on drinking, which is a personal matter

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