1. The Swinger model was the two-door version. My Dad drove a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger that was the same color green as the one in the picture. Bench front and back seats and a 318 under the hood. He traded it in for a Plymouth Volare station wagon in 1978 when child number 4 came along.

  1. Brenda soon learned that her part-time job of “drive-through blowjobs” was not without some inconvenience.

  2. I’m telling you, I know there’s a foil burger wrapper under the PBR cans. Move em around. Just put that foil on the coat hanger and we’ll get the disco station no problem.

  3. Saddened by the surprisingly sudden loss of her ‘sickest’ socks, Mergatrod ‘Troddy’ Sertlesen frantically searches all the possible places she remembers de-socking… starting with some of the neighborhood back-seats!

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