1. Andrew Cuomo being drawn and quartered in Central Park. I’d crawl naked through a mile of broken glass to watch that shit.

    1. Only if it includes de Blasio being fed feet first into a slowly-turning wood chipper as the opening act.

  2. I expect to be visiting the USA in 2024 for the eclipse and I will do my level best to ensure that I don’t take any long-distance flights with any American airlines.

    1. You should love American Airlines & here’s why: thanks to me slant-eyed mum, I use chopsticks nearly as often as a knife & fork & always take a pair with me when I travel. But not on American – they confiscated my hashi to protect you from the likes of me. ‘Cause you know there’s every chance in the world I’d get all stabby and shit. Thanks American!

      1. American (?) Airlines will not transport rifles or shotguns to the UK, period. But British Airways has no problem doing so.
        I always use such AA miles towards tickets on BA, wherever possible — even though I hate BA almost as much as AA.

  3. I would do it if I was going to NY to receive a $10 million donation to my retirement fund.

    1. Just remember that the $10 mil would be taxed by New York State before you could claim it.

  4. if you buy the r/t tix on line and use only the NY-DFW leg, how would that compare with the price of one way NY-DFW?
    Asking for a friend.

  5. Perhaps to catch a free connecting flight via Lufthansa to Munich, Vienna, …. some other neat place.

  6. Inflation adjusted, that might actually be cheaper than Southwest commuter flights from SF to LA back in the 1990s.

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