Quite Understandable

Seems as though the British holiday camp chain Pontins is in hot water with the Gummint Over There.

You see, they’ve apparently been using a hmmmm social filter when booking people into their establishments, to whit:

Pontins used a secret blacklist titled ‘undesirable guests’ to ban customers with 40 common Irish surnames in a bid to stop Traveller families booking holidays at its resorts.
Families with surnames including Boyle, Doherty and Gallagher were all barred by the company, with staff told ‘we do not want these guests on our parks’.
Employees also monitored calls and refused customers with Irish accents.

Why oh why do they hate the Irish so?  (I know, I know, but stay with me here.)

Discriminatory practices included the ‘undesirable guests’ list, published on its intranet page, monitoring calls within its contact centre and refusing or cancelling any bookings that were made by people with an Irish accent or surname, and using its Commercial Vehicles policy to exclude Gypsies and Travellers from its holiday parks.

Ah, now all is explained.  You see, when (the mostly-Irish) gypsies descend on a place, several things happen, none of them good:

  • Petty crime increases (pickpocketing, burglary, bagsnatching and car theft, to name but some)
  • Violent crime increases (armed robbery, fights that often turn deadly, and murder)
  • Ordinary law-abiding people see all this and leave, often never to return
  • When these parasites eventually leave, they leave behind scenes like this:

So to the bedwetters and handwringers:  It’s not racism;  it’s self-preservation.


  1. I’m a rare person these days, it seems. I believe people should associate with whom they please, no matter what. People have a discerning nature for a reason. People that use force against others need to be slapped upside the head with an Estwing 28 oz waffle head framing hammer.

    1. I can find fault neither with your philosophy nor indeed with your choice of implement.

    2. agree mostly.

      I differe in that I think the knees should be the target. That when when skippy is limping around in pain, he has a constant reminder to not be a constant fuck up. Others who see Skippy limping around engage in conversations such as “was Skippy in bad car accident that resulted in his constant limp?” “no,” comes the reply, “Skippy was a complete fuckwit and got what he deserved. Don’t be a fuckwad unless you want the limp like Skippy.” That way Skippy gets educated and so do those around him/her and you’ve only had to whack one knee. Skippy then actually has value in their life because they are now an example to others on how to not behave. You can go back to enjoying sending lead down range and your cocktails.


    3. Instead of “answering violence with violence”, which many Leftists say they deplore, you are replying in the only language they’ve demonstrated they understand.

      My choice of hammers is more in the 16 oz range. High velocity, assault hammers, you know.

    1. I have one of these tie-wrapped to the upper seatbelt loop, but your choice might have other, uh, “utilitarian” uses and would be easier to explain to the constabulary than the hammer handle in the door pocket.
      But if I’m rushed, I’m going for the .357 in the console.


  2. I have professional experience with Travellers. They were described to me as a mobile crime wave.

    You could tell when there were Travellers in the vicinity because the council put up low wood fences on its land sharpish.

  3. So Kim, does this mean you’ll give me good betting odds in the upcoming Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua fight?

    My natural born name was very Irish (for good reason), but my stepdad later adopted me, so I took his one-syllable rather British name.

    As a young man, I certainly drank as a proud Irishman.

    I have always been a little on the dark-complected side, which understandably concerned me about my bloodlines. Since I was born in East St. Louis, Illinois, that is a reasonable concern.

    My lineage is mostly English/Irish with some more remote German and Swiss influences.

    I was understandably relieved to learn that I had dodged the issue of having French blood.

    My lineage is by no means perfect, though, since I have some relatives who wore blue pants during what we Southerners refer to as “The War”.

    So I have always wondered where the dark complexion comes from. I don’t stay dark all winter, but I darken up after just a little bit of sunshine and I stay that way for 8-9 months.

    I certainly hope that I don’t have any gypsy or Irish Traveler’s blood in me. I don’t steal or live in an overly-decorated house trailer, both of which are dead giveaways.

    We have a trailer park encampment near our home which includes some gypsies, but we haven’t experienced any attendant crime wave.

    I think they appreciate the risk to their own lineage if they decide that crime pays where we live.

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