1. We have your gin here in New Hampshire at $29.99 a bottle. How does that compare with the great state of Texas?

  2. Unfortunately, my love for gin is unrequited.

    More than 2 gin drinks in a day and my love is repaid at 2 AM with a sharp pointy headache spike just over my right eye.

    Actually, maybe that is fortunate.

    1. Fred, dude: you’ve gotta push through the pain for the ultimate reward…

  3. I don’t drink gin or vodka anymore. It was getting too hard to see how much was left in the glass, and I found myself “overserving.”

  4. Tanqueray is ok, but I like Bombay sapphire. I may try the Costco (Kirkland) brand sometime.

  5. Not a fan of gin – or any spirits really – myself, though it’s very popular hereabouts. Port is as strong as I go.

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