Policy Changes

I forgot to post this earlier because New Year Malaise, but here it is.

Firstly:  I have always restricted my post times to early morning (around 6am Central).  While this will continue — there will always be something for the Early Birds to read — I’m going to spread things out a little, especially when it comes to news and current events.  This post is one of them.  Next item:

Mostly, I resist reserving certain days for specific topics — other than the Monday Funnies and Friday’s Caption Competitions, of course.  These will continue ad infinitum / nauseam.

Starting this weekend, however, the following will become standard:

  • Saturdays will feature (more or less exclusively) Guy Stuff:  guns, cars and tools (actual tools, not Democrat politicians), in varying assortments and combinations.  The default will be a Gratuitous Gun Pic.  On occasion, however, I might also post something about classical literature, music or fine art.  Call it “Kim’s Culture Day”:  gun culture, car culture, High Culture, whatever.
  • Sundays will be devoted, as in days of yore, exclusively to pics of beautiful women.  This will be in what I’ve labeled as “Kim’s Sesame Street”, in which there will be sundry pictures of beautiful women of all ages and periods of history, collated by the first letter of their Christian names — e.g. this Sunday could feature Ann-Margret, Amy Adams or Anna Magnani etc., while next Sunday might contain Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Mori, Blaze Starr and so on.  The poses will always be sexy but mostly decorous (unless I succumb to Foul Male Lust and show boobs ‘n things).

Neither of the above will prevent me from posting pictures of similar nature during the week, of course, but weekday fare will consist of the usual snarling invective, ill-tempered rants and in general, my habitual shaking of the fist at authority figures, stupid people and Socialists [considerable overlap].

I trust this meets with general approval, but if it doesn’t, c’est la vie, as always.

One thing will not change:  I don’t do guest posts, or do link swaps to other websites, so if you’re one of those assholes who loves the content of this place, sees a fit (because of a single article  I once wrote) and wants to post something about fashion design, don’t bother.  This is a one-man show.

And lastly:  tonight’s Friday Night Music (which will not  be a weekly fixture) features a musical composer of astonishing talent, except you probably never heard of him.


As Californians continue to flee the Golden Shower State and infest other areas with Californianism, there is at least one good result:

Based on Monday’s  [U.S. Census] figures, Texas is poised to gain two congressional seats, and Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon are expected to gain one.  Eight states are expected to lose one seat:  California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

If this forecast is correct, California will lose one elector in the presidential elections.  No wonder they’re trying to abolish the Electoral College.

What this also means is that the Socialists in the House will lose at least four reliable votes in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Of course, those itinerant liberal assholes are, as I said, infesting other states which in the past have been reliable Republican ones — Arizona, Colorado and Nevada come to mind — so it’s a mixed result for us conservatives, to be sure.

As long as California continues to circle the bowl, however, it’s good news for the United States (i.e. the areas not run by Socialists).

Reality Cheque

Finally, someone has got it right about Brexit:

Although the past three years have seen torrents of ink spilled about the implications for Britain, there has been very little commentary about the consequences for the EU.

On January 31, the EU will lose its second-largest economy, after Germany, and the fifth-largest economy in the world, representing about 13 per cent of its total GDP. It will lose its third most populous state, its most important military power and a significant source of diplomatic and cultural influence.

Yup.  As the man said, follow the money — and foreign investment is pouring into London, not into Paris, Frankfurt, or Brussels.  Especially not Brussels.

Face it:  an independent Britain has only one sick economy to worry about (Scotland).  The post-Brexit EU has the basket cases of Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and… Ireland to worry about.  And, as Sandbrook points out, without Britain’s economy and just as importantly, Britain’s annual “member contribution” of about $10 billion.

But most of all, the Brits are feeling like what one of my Brit buddies said in reply to my email wishing him a Happy Brexit Year:

“Brexit — the air’s cleaner over here now that cloud has been lifted!”

And Mr. Free Market’s opinion of the threats of independence from Scotland is even more succinct:

I think things are going to be just fine, Over There.

Have Some Cheese

Via Insty, I see that some career diplo-twerp is having a conniption fit over God-Emperor Trump’s ill-treatment of career diplomats.

Within the senior ranks, however, we watched our assignment possibilities vanish as the White House left top diplomatic positions vacant and handed out others as rewards to political cronies, campaign donors, and members of President Trump’s golf clubs. Senior jobs at the State Department which had typically been filled by career foreign service officers went to blatantly unqualified appointees. Sensitive diplomatic special envoy positions were given to people such as an assistant to Trump’s son-in-law.

Boo fucking hoo.

I don’t know where this little fart has been — warming a chair in State for three decades, apparently — but along with Custer’s difficulties in Wyoming, the news is that ambassadorships have always  been a “spoils” position — doled out to political party favorites and donors.

It’s long been a truism that the entire State Department is simply a delivery vehicle for Democrat Party foreign policy, regardless of which party’s leader sits in the Oval Office or which party controls Congress, even.  And it’s also true that State hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory, either:  I remember full well how the U.S. Embassy staff in London had this huge party planned for Hillary Bitch Clinton’s coronation in 2016, and when it became apparent that she was having her broad ass kicked by the aforementioned Trump, how that party turned into a wake when the Electoral College count was concluded.

And now these apparatchiks are amazed, nay shocked  that the President places them lower than pond scum on his daily to-do list?  Frankly, I think that Trump’s swamp-draining efforts should have started with these fuckheads, and one of the few really bad hiring mistakes he made was Rex Tillotson, who as a lifelong corporate executive was always going to go with maintaining the status quo (i.e. the State Department position) in terms of our relationships with foreign powers — which is why Trump kicked him out, eventually, because Trump’s goal always was to change the nature of those relationships.

America pays a heavy price for turning statecraft into a playground for rich amateurs. Embarrassing blunders, scandals and mismanagement are commonplace for some of the most unqualified.

Uh huh.  I remember when Bill Fucking Clinton made Senator Symbol — Carol Mosely-Braun (D-IL), the stupidest senator in living history — into an ambassador, and who was so inept that the host country’s foreign services department threw a party when she finally left.  The country?  New Zealand.  Ask me how any Trump appointee could be worse than that.  (And don’t even get me started  on other Democrat SecState failures like Hillary “Libya” Clinton and John Fuckface Kerry, or we’ll be here all day.)

So the hell with these little placeholders in State.  Their influence has been either incorrect — former bootlegger-turned-ambassador Joe Kennedy telling FDR that the Brits were going to be defeated by Nazi Germany in 1939 — or even inimical to our national interests — Alger Hiss, anyone? — and the career diplomats’ much-vaunted “expertise and experience” in foreign policy is far too overestimated.

This whole lament as linked is simply a tantrum because the President isn’t doing what they think  he should be doing — almost a textbook definition of the Swamp that Trump promised to drain.

Don’t like what the Boss is doing?  Quit and put your diplomatic formal suits to good use as headwaiters, you limpwristed pantywaists, the sooner the better.