Forward Buying

This term defines when one buys something in greater quantities than normal, in anticipation of the supply thereof being interrupted, or to hedge against price increases.  Which was all brought to mind by this post of Insty’s:

“The U.S. plans to swiftly impose tariffs on $7.5 billion in aircraft, food products and other goods from the European Union after the World Trade Organization authorized the levies Wednesday, citing the EU’s subsidies to Airbus. . . . The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said it would impose the tariffs starting Oct. 18, with 10% levies on jetliners and 25% duties on other products including Irish and Scotch whiskies, cheeses and hand tools.” [emphasis added]

In other words, this weekend should be devoted to laying in a hefty supply of yer favorite single malts, and those snot-textured Frog cheeses (if you’re that way inclined).

Aaaargh.  As always, this is never a simple operation for me.  Do I go for variety?

…or volume?

And don’t give me that “embrace the power of and ” nonsense.  If I do both, then I can’t buy any more of this:

It’s hell being in the working class, I tell ya.


  1. What to do? What to do? I am dumb as rocks when it comes to tariffs and 25% duties, at what point is the higher price applied? If it on the base product at the time it enters the US before taxes and profits made by mark-up at importer and distributor level then the customer might see a much smaller than 25% increase in the retail price.

    I just don’t know about some stuff. Of course the price of ammo might really go up if the wrong folks get into office and maybe you can’t have too much ammo anyway.

  2. It’s tough work, blasting away with all that ammo and then drinking all that Scotch, but SOMONE must do it. And while you are slaving away at the above tasks, remember, its for the chillllldrennn.

  3. Seems to me, if you have enough ammo, you can have all the booze you want. Just sayin’….

    1. Yeah, but for some reason the owners of Ye Olde Liqueure Shoppe get upset when I shop in that manner.

  4. As if I didn’t have reason enough to wish that Brexit was rammed through the poxy EU. FREE GREAT BRITAIN! LOWER THE PRICE OF SCOTCH NOW!

  5. Take the wooden door of a shrimp boat shitter, burn it in a pile of tires, douse the fire with tidal pool water, then lick the back of the door whilst stubbing a cheap cigar out on your tongue.

    That’s what Scotch whisky tastes like.

    Irish whiskey tastes like heaven

    1. Meh, can’t stand either of them, Scotch, Irish, both smoky, shitty varieties of Canadian whiskey. And I’ll spell any of them any damn way I please, with or without an ‘e’.


      I spent a few weeks in May visiting my Irish cousin in Ashford and IRISH BEER!!!

      Irish craft breweries are coming up like mushrooms, and BEER!

      Somewhere between Ashford and Glendalough, near Avoca, there is a brew pub , but David was doing the driving and I was doing the drinking and I suppose it’s lost in the beery mists of Ireland.

    2. I LIKE Scotch, but I PREFER Irish. And a heartfelt AMEN! to the monks who invented Whisky.

  6. If you want quantity, buy Japanese; if you want variety, my brother has liked the right two in your picture. He also likes Bunnahabhain.

  7. Well, since I had to run errands anyway, I picked up a bottle of Famous Grouse and a new inexpensive single malt (no peat). At my current rate of consumption, that’s a year’s supply.

    There was a time not so long ago when that would have been 3 week’s worth, but I’ve slowed down since I quit being a road warrior.

  8. Happened to be at Costco today, wifey unit wanted 2 (low cost) items, then a bottle of Glenlivet 14 year just jumped off the shelf into the cart, was forced to take it home along with her sudden increase in “ooh we need that” items over and above the original 2, the bill was 165 bucks which the single malt was barely 55 of. And so it goes. Mind you the in house reserves are quite enough as is, but then winter is approaching. Slangevar!

    1. I went into Costco once for a case of oil.

      Came out with a go kart, a hot tub, and two gallons of Nutella.

      There’s some sort of Jedi mind trick they do when you flash your Costco Card to get in. I stop by the milk and bread aisles and a voice in my head says “these are not the bargains you’re looking for.”

      1. Yeah, we are sadly all experienced in that scenario. Sort of like the old ladies in the casino, glassy eyed, chasing the big payout at the 25cent bandits.

  9. Damn it, I just bought a gun. And now have to get another bottle of Macallan.

    Oh, for the record, go with variety.

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