Naïveté On Display

At some highbrow website or other, the question is asked:

Why Isn’t AOC Taking Blame For Violent Attacks On ICE?


FFS:  the Communists haven’t yet taken the blame for the policies which killed millions of Ukranians in the famine of the 1930s — what makes you think they’re going to accept blame for their inflammatory speech now?


  1. I’m not sure why but we’re apparently supposed to mistake “The Democrats are mean” and “It’s not fair” for serious, constructive commentary.

      1. Political discourse has declined to something out of George Orwell’s Newspeak;
        “You ungood!”
        “No, you ungood!”
        “You plus ungood!”
        “You doubleplus ungood!”
        “You F*****g doubleplus ungood!”
        At which point the Antifa Blackshirts start busting heads.

        The only thing missing is the castor oil.

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