Behind The Boredom

Good grief.  When I was on my sabbatical in Britishland a year or so back, I tried watching BBC’s GMTV (Good Morning TV) and after the second day I had to stop because I was starting to suffer brain damage.

An unending diet of pablum will do that to you.  The topics were banal, the “celebrity guests” (with only a couple of exceptions) were awful to the point of dire, mostly nonentities (Third Cop From The Right in some turgid detective show with a viewership numbered in the dozens).  If the point of morning television is to present the audience with material that doesn’t tax the morning brain, then the BBC succeeds magnificently.  If they showed it at night, sales of sleeping tablets would plummet.

So with that introduction, read this article about what happens backstage and off-camera on GMTV.  (It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the characters involved:  all you have to know is that all this nonsense is happening behind the most stultifyingly-boring show of all time.)

The only thing that ever saves the show is when one or the other of the hosts is either drunk (at 7am) or still drunk from some awards show after-party the night before — one of which seems to take place on a weekly basis Over There.

And all the hosts are appalling, without exception.  (For reference, Piers Morgan is one of them, on the ITV channel’s equivalent, so there you have it.)  Were it not for the fact that a couple of the women are quite attractive, there’d be even less point in tuning in.

By the way, the presenter whining about the way she was treated, Anthea Turner, was quite a babe back then — which is probably why all the other backstage women on the show hated her.



…because this post would be useless without pitchurs.


  1. 2nd pik.
    Another nasty hoe sitting with gash spread wide letting that foul stench emanate.
    A phenom not seen prior to the late 20th century.
    Dignity has left the building.

      1. In your own home, between your SO and yourself? Sure!
        On display for everybody else? Skank.
        I’m too traditional for today’s “everythings out there” lifestyle.
        In my early 20’s my dad told me I was a dinosaur and soon to be extinct. The older I become the smarter my dad gets.

    1. Methinks you’ve led a somewhat sheltered life and don’t know a lot about what has gone before. And there’s no foul stench unless you’ve only been hanging around unclean skanks. She looks well-scrubbed and quite fetching.

      1. Why get so defensive?
        You seem to be unfamiliar with the term, “Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park….”

        1. WHO is defensive? It’s certainly not me. Ss our gracious host said, lighten up.

        2. You seem to be unfamiliar with the term, “Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park….”
          I’m very familiar with the term. I just don’t understand why you think it’s relevant, except perhaps you have a history of personal with it. I don’t. But your smug, “more righteous than thou” routine has already gotten old. Lighten up, Francis.

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