Monday Funnies

Okay, so as it’s New Wife’s last day Down Under, herewith the last of the Oz jokes:

Hey, that reminds me of an Alabama family reunion…

Of course, the new U.S. Army rifle is a German-designed clone of the M4, chambered for a cartridge that the Brits first suggested after WWII, so we have little room to criticize.

Okay, that one made me chuckle.  Except, of course, for The Gun Thing.

And finally, Strylia’s wonderfully-nickamed (by OzBlogger Tim Blair) “helium-voiced songstress”, Kylie Minogue:


Now climb off that rock and go to work.


  1. Texan to Australian: You know, man, I can jump in my Jeep at dawn, drive all day, and still be in Texas at nightfall.

    Aussie to Texan: Yeah, mate, know what you mean … we’ve got some pretty shithouse roads in Oz, too.

    But of course, as we know, Texas will fit into Western Australia some 8.3 times. Big place?? Pffft.

    And while Kylie’s sorta OK, I think I prefer another Aussie girl — Elle MacPherson.

  2. I have no yardstick by which to judge Aussie wimmens, and I’m far from an Adonis myself.

    But if Ms Minogue makes the top ten most beautiful list, then it must be low bars all around. But hell we have Lena Dunham, so we should just shut up.

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