Shared Accommodation

So somebody comes to you and says, “Hey, how would you like to share a house with us?” and you run away because you don’t want to share accommodation with anyone.

Then there’s this situation:

A stately apartment on the historic estate where Four Weddings and a Funeral was filmed has had its price tag slashed by half a million pounds after failing to attract a buyer during the pandemic – and could now be yours for just £1.95million.
Apartment Three at Albury Park Mansions in Albury, Surrey, UK, is one of 14 luxury properties in the mansion house was transformed into separate apartments 12 years ago, and has been on sale since April last year.
It consists of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen/dining room with mezzanine above, utility room, reception hall, and access to gym, spa, sauna and wine stores.

Here’s a pic of the entrance to said mansion:

…and the master bedroom:

Yeah, it may be a little spendy at about $2.7 million for a 4BR/3BA pad with a detached garage, but you can’t beat the setting.

At those kind of prices, you’ll probably find that the co-inhabitants of the place are bearable.

And for those who care abut such things, you can walk to the estate’s church on Sundays, no hassles with parking.


  1. “At those kind of prices, you’ll probably find that the co-inhabitants of the place are bearable.”
    If I took up residence, it’d be my luck to have Rachel Maddow, John Kerry and Tayraza, Chris Dodd, Joy Behar and some airhead uber rich Hollywood leftie I never heard of for neighbors in the other apartments.

    1. You’d also be bothered by Hyacinth Buck, er, Bouquet, always inviting you to her candlelight suppers and making you listen to her singing….

  2. Since this essentially a Condo Development I’m assuming that it also comes with Association dues, Upkeep assessments, Shared Property taxes, Some English stuffed shirt getting all huffy about what i’m wearing or driving or parked or how much noise i’m making, The Estate Manager has to paid somehow, Gardener and staff, Game keeper and staff.

    In short …… all the expense of living like an English Lord ….. along none of the benefits…… likely range of 6 figures a year since they did’t say anything about it the puff piece.

    hard pass

  3. No thank-you, I hate multi-family homes and refuse to live in one. I lived in an apartment for freshman year at college, that experience was enough to turn me off multi-family homes for life.

      1. Not the point, Kim. The point is, I hate having neighbors close to me, especially when they are in the same building. I don’t care how fancy it is, I wouldn’t live in NYFC in the Trump Tower either. Hell, I don’t even like staying in hotels!

        I prefer country living on acreage and single family homes. I would rather live in a single wide trailer on 600 acre parcel with my own 1000 yard shooting range than in that multi-family monstrosity you posted.

        However, if I could afford to own an estate like that for my own personal enjoyment and that of my family and friends, I am all in.

  4. This being Englandistan, half the apartments have probably been confiscated by HM’s immigration services to house “refugees” by now.

  5. I’ve had a gander at the brochure. A big problem is that the place principally faces east. And it’s going to be shaded by the rest of the building too. This means that it’s cold and doesn’t get the evening sun.

    Still, it has potential. I’d change the master bedroom into my office and have the corner bedroom as my own. The bathroom attached to the current master bedroom would be stripped out and replaced. Of course it’s a listed building so the necessary work is likely to be a huge embuggeration.

    I bet it’s leasehold too.

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  7. As it’s within 30 miles of London, it would probably be OK as a pied-à-terre for those times that you had to be in Blighty and meet with Important People. Of course, that is dependent upon the driving time to The City, and what local distractions there are in that part of Surrey.

  8. Way out of range of us mere mortals, and in blighty to boot. (read: too much gun and people control.)

    However, I wouldn’t mind having that hat hanging on the mirror.

    1. If you suffer from “Indy-envy”, and need the hat and coat, check out US Wings (

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