About That Europellet Stuff

Seems like we may have an Obama-era situation here:

A cursory look at a couple of websites showed no problems with stock, e.g. CheaperThanDirt and LuckyGunner.  (A little pricier than normal, to be sure, but at least they have it handy — at time of writing, that is.)  However, MidwayUSA and Graf & Son show complete OOS on all 9mm except the premium loads.

Compare and contrast the .45 ACP situation:  CTD (sweet deal, by the way for quality range ammo) and LuckyGunner.

A little worm crawled into my ear, though, triggered by a deal I saw on the little Makarov 9x18mm pistol.  Stocks of the 9mm Mak ammo seem to be quite substantial (e.g. CTD’s Sellier & Bellot) and cheap, to boot.

Just as I suggested yesterday that it might be prudent to have a rifle chambered in a not-so-popular chambering (the PSL in 7.62x54mmR), maybe one could extend that thought to pistols.  I love the Makarov (also the CZ-82 version):  it’s rugged and easy to shoot, and the 9x18mm round is a little fireball.

Food for thought, n’est-ce pas?  And for you Crufflers out there, it’s a C&R transaction.

News Roundup

News commentary, as written by Hemingway.  Links in the pics.

From Britishland:

…yeah, welcome to OUR Deep State world, Bubba.

as all Amazon and Wal-Mart customers know, Chinese quality control is legendary.  And speaking of which:

ordinarily I’d be worried, except that none of them will work.  Also, we need things to shoot at while we’re cooped up in our houses(Pro tip: 00 buckshot)

(unspoken:) Give Us More Money.  However, if you look at the map, the famine would likely have struck even without the Chinkvirus.  In other words:  carry on, nothing to see here.

…they’re all gonna die.  When Gummint is optimistic, it’s time to head for the bunkers.

52-year-old single mother of four (all by different fathers) needs sex.  Quite a prospect.

all well and good, except it’s almost impossible to monitor abusive behavior during a lockdown.  But hey, let’s throw money at it:  that always works.  Stupid Seffrican tart.

looks like I may have to be cooped up for a while yet.  Shit.

And finally:

I report, you decide:

Of Course

Which can be encapsulated by the standard liberal response:

…even though this whole episode seems to have been triggered by Lockdown Blues.

Just coincidentally, this little advert arrived in my Inbox a couple days back:

Now, leaving aside the wisdom or lack thereof in buying a gun from Century Arms at that price, this merchant of death has a lot to recommend it, i.e.:

  • regardless of ammo shortages in other calibers (e.g. 5.56mm, 7.62mm Nato), none of the online suppliers ever seems to run out of 7.62x54mmR
  • the PSL (Dragunov clone) has a great deal to recommend it:  excellent AK-type reliability and, once you’ve done the necessary trigger work, decent accuracy out to about 500 yards

So let’s ignore CanuckiPM Pantywaist (as always), and consider the merits of the PSL, in Comments.

No Thanks

Arriving in my Inbox yesterday was this breathless news:

Man, have they ever got me wrong.

In the first place, my NRA membership has long since expired — which just shows you the value of a mailing list (at least to them).

And yeah, I’m so jazzed about winning a fucking sandy-colored Glock, because that screams right there that I’m an “operator” and I really want to be regarded as such.

Even if

were to be replaced by any one of these:

…I still  wouldn’t have sent in an entry and renewed my membership.

To the NRA:  don’t hold yer breath, you clueless idiots.

The good thing about electronic mail is that it costs almost nothing to send a message.  That’s also the bad thing about e-mail.

More Lockdown Problems

What was that about familiarity breeding contempt?

Three Brits having affairs during the lockdown have revealed their stories as they look for ways to spice up being in isolation.
Speaking to FEMAIL, the trio – all of whose names have been changed – revealed how they have taken to FaceTime sex and affairs from their city pad as they struggle to deal with the restrictions.

This comes as the UK’s leading affairs site Illicit Encounters reported a 15 per cent rise in activity in the last month.
More than half of male members (54 per cent) said they had initiated new affairs in the last four weeks, with the main reason for this rise being ‘boredom’ sparked by being stuck at home in the lockdown.
Meanwhile almost half of female members (46 per cent) had made contact with a new male partner in the last four weeks, revealing that the crisis had exposed the weakness of their main relationship and made them realise they needed ‘fresh stimulus’.

So far, the only extramarital business adversely affected by the “stay at home” policy seems to be prostitution, and that’s not going to last long either.  When it comes to strange nookie, people will always find a way.

This, however, will undoubtedly be true:

‘There is going to be an explosion of affairs when the lockdown ends – a long, glorious summer of sex. The Roaring Twenties are really going to take off.’