Simple Question For The NFL

…and in fact for all the people who are refusing to stand for the National Anthem:

If you don’t stand for the National Anthem, what DO you stand for?

And I mean that in every sense of the word — because my immediate reaction is: you don’t stand for shit. Also, I don’t want to hear any bullshit about your First Amendment right to protest. This nation’s Constitution proudly protects that right — and the very least you can do is acknowledge that protection by showing respect to its anthem.

This picture turned my stomach:

…and today, after wearing it proudly for thirty years, I will be throwing my Dallas Cowboys coat in the trash because that’s where it belongs.

So you listen to me, Jerry Jones, you arrogant, bloviating fuckwit: you’ve just lost the right to call yourself “America’s Team” because you don’t get to have it both ways. And that goes for the preening, pampered and overpaid prima donnas who call themselves your “players” as well, may they all die from football-related concussion. You’re nobody, you’re nothing, you’re dead to me: you, your team, all the other teams and the whole fucking NFL.

You don’t exist anymore. Fuck Off And Die, the lot of you.


  1. I have to pay some attention through the end of the season as I am in a pool. I did notice a lot of the teams that took the knee lost over the weekend. Did not watch MNF so I don’t know if the boys continued that streak.

    NFL could not have made more people mad if they had tried. I was getting tired of those preening peacocks for some time now, but I would have to say they tied the bow nicely.

  2. The story as reported on the radio this morning was that they knelt for “equality” before the Anthem, then stood when the Anthem was played. I didn’t watch the game, so I don’t know.

    I don’t know what kneeling, either before or during the National Anthem, has to do with promoting racial equality, but….

    The whole kerfluffle could have been avoided had Roger Goodell grown a spine and a set of nuts and actually enforced the league rules, punishing those who fail to stand for the National Anthem with fines and suspensions.

    1. This. Goodell has spent the last few years punishing a guy for the Ideal Gas Law. This year he’s going after a guy who cops say didn’t actually beat up his lady friend.

      If he had fined Kaepernick a few years ago for violating league rules, none of this would have happened. Now the NFL is about to lose a massive number of their viewers and they are too stupid to stop digging their own grave.

  3. The NFL…. who cares. I want to see taxpayer funded stadiums and tax breaks for the teams ended. Pampered overpaid prima-donnas. To hell with all of tem.

  4. Lifelong Steelers fan here…. until Sunday.

    My email sent in the first 5 minutes of the game:

    Steelers lost a 50 year fan today.

    One guy in your organization had the guts to do what is right.
    Alejandro came out and respected the national anthem.

    Fuck Tomlin. Asshole thought he could dodge a bullet by keeping the team in. What he REALLY did was prevent all from showing the simple respect that decades of tradition demand.

    I’ll start watching and patronizing sponsors and buying swag after he apologizes. Until then, Fuck Tomlin, the Rooneys, the Steelers and the NFL.

    1. I was a Steelers fan more than any other team since I’m not really a fan of pro (or college) sports. But the Steel Curtain, the Immaculate Reception, opposing family members who rooted for the execrable Rams and the pantywaist Cowboys, and those four super bowl wins were important back then.

      But that was the Steelers, not this perverted shadow that took their place.

      All hail the Pittsburg Kneelers, and farewell.

  5. So what we have here is groups of multi-millionaires with money, power, and influence who says America has a problem.
    Want to bet few of the guys kneeling are going to use their own money, power, and influence to work to fix the problems?
    They say that blacks being perceived as criminals is a problem. Great. Go then, and work to make the criminal culture uncool, instead of being a bunch of criminals yourselves.
    They say that blacks don’t have economic opportunities. Maybe they should use some of their own money to provide venture capital for black businesses. How about supporting black businesses?

    Kneeling in protest is easy when one will go home to a mansion in a new and expensive car.

  6. On a lighter note, I see the Windies are more or less holding their own on their tour of England. Too bad WICB is just about as F’d up as USACA (currently on suspension from ICC last I heard) although at least they (the Windies) can field a credible side.

  7. Time for the NFL to take a nice, harsh tax whipping. The Navy needs new ships.

    As for the players….ah, the things that happen when you don’t have a draft board.

    1. Speaking of the Armed Forces, I don’t know about where you live but here in Bronco’s country, every home game starts with a flyover – usually 4 F-16’s out of Buckley AFB.

      I wonder what that costs the taxpayers? I’ll bet the USAF and other services would appreciate it if the set-asides for such patriotic displays were put back into their training budgets.

      If Trump really wanted to send a message to the NFL he could say that as of today, right now, this minute, there will be no more flyovers or color guards or other displays of military equipment or personnel unless the NFL reimburses the taxpayers for the cost.

  8. To be honest, I can’t boycott something that I never participated in in the first place. Ever since I became an adult, I’ve thought that sportsball was boring and more than a bit stupid. The NFL? In the past few decades it’s devolved into nothing more than a game of “Our Africans can beat your Africans” If it all collapsed into a smoking hole next week it wouldn’t bother me a bit.

  9. They’re virtue-signalling. They’re trying to impress everyone with their efforts to reconcile with the black man. Look at the facial expressions on the white guys – they all look like they would rather be somewhere else.
    I think it’s for the best, Kim. When fealty to political correctness trumps common courtesy and respect… it’s time to let your money talk for you.
    Hopefully these idiots will get the message before we have to rely on the guns doing the talking. Personally… in this political climate I can see race wars looming.

  10. To me the issue isn’t even respect or disrespect of the flag, the nation, etc. If you can’t render common courtesies then stay in the locker room, it’s no skin off my nose.

    But I do object vehemently to the injection of politics and political posturing into an area in which it should not intrude.

    If I invited someone to a barbecue at my house, and that person spent the entire time lecturing and haranguing us with his political views, he would not be invited back – even if I agreed with every political position he espoused.

    Because bringing politics into what should be a non-political social event is just flat out rude, and deliberate rudeness like that is inexcusable.

    Seems like we can’t take 10 steps outside without someone hectoring us with their political beliefs. People watch football because they want to be entertained, not lectured to. And I sure as hell don’t want someone who makes more in a year than I’ll make in my entire life to be wagging his finger in my face and telling me about my “privilege.”

    I watch football for the same reason most Americans do: To watch dimwitted thugs wail on each other in public while their sponsors try to sell me light beer and boner pills. If I want a lecture I’ll sign up for a class at the community college.

  11. NFL = No Fans Left.
    Maybe changing some team names to Zulus, D’Ashiquas, Swahilis and K’Ndebeles will bring some back.

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