Quote Of The Day

From Glenn Reynolds:

“The chance that much of our leadership will be hauled before people’s tribunals and then sent to the firing squads remains low, but it’s far and away the highest it’s been in my life time.”

Oooh, I love it when Insty gets all revolutionary.

Drinking Game

I’m past the age of playing games whose sole intention (and outcome) is getting shit-faced drunk.

However, I had to chuckle at Tom Utley’s suggestion:

Earlier this month I invented a game to cheer myself up through these short, chilly days of January. I’m not claiming it will work for everyone, but readers may care to give it a try.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is award yourself an imaginary £10 every time you hear the words ‘mental health’ uttered on the radio or TV, or read them in the media.

Poor Tom can’t actually make it a drinking game, because he writes for a newspaper and no doubt some scold will go after him for encouraging reckless behavior.

I, however, am under no such constraint.

Giving yourself money is a pointless exercise;  but if you turn it into a drinking game and substitute “down a shot”, I can guarantee hours of joyous inebriation.

Other such puke-inducing phrases can be used, such as “circle back” (during Jen Psaki press conferences) and “state of emergency” (unless used in an actual emergency e.g. tornado or hurricane), “safe space” and so on.

Feel free to add your favorite puke-inducing phrases in Comments.


Shooting the William Powell Sovereign.

Here’s the gun under discussion:

I like Jonny Carter — it’s nice to see a youngin getting into the gun thing, and he is quite knowledgeable about shotguns.  More to the point, he loves shotguns and it shows in every video he puts out.  (Sadly, he is of the over/under persuasion, rather than a devotee of the proper side-by-side experience, but nobody’s perfect.)

About the gun itself:  unlike their other guns of the past, the Sovereign is made in Italy’s F. Rizzini factory — but for those who think that this is somehow a Bad Thing, let me point out that a typical handmade Rizzini side-by-side of similar specs can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $nosebleed.  So a Sovereign costing about $6,000 off-the-shelf is not a bad deal in terms of the cost : quality curve, the difference being that they are production-line guns as opposed to handmade.

Another point:  Brit shotgunners are not allowed to shoot lead shot, and as bismuth and such are too expensive, they’ve been forced into using steel shot — and for the older generations of shotguns not proofed for steel, this means eventual destruction of the barrels.  (Mr. Free Market gloomily foretells the demise of the British-made premium shotgun, for this reason.)  Which is why the Sovereign’s claim of “shooting into the future” should resonate, and rightly so.

If I had the $$$, I’d get one in a heartbeat.