Would Flogging Be Appropriate?

Try this bullshit:

An Iowa middle school principal has apologized for being “overly strict” after he confiscated pizzas that were delivered to a class for an end-of-the-year party over fears that it could make students from other classes feel left out.

The principal apologized for his actions in a note to parents later that day, writing that he overreacted in an attempt to be fair to all students.
“That applies to everything from the chances they have to learn in the classroom to rewards and recognitions by our teachers and staff.”

I know what I would have learned from this particular classroom:  authority figures suck.

And by the way, if you read the whole thing (after first moving guns and/or throwable objects out of reach), you’ll see that the self-righteous prick’s “apology” was no such thing.  And:

The situation was made right Friday after Mr. Hoffman said he threw another pizza party for the class and several local businesses also volunteered to donate pizzas for the school’s nearly 750 students.

…thus negating all the incentive for performance — if everyone gets a prize, why bother trying harder?  (No doubt that’s  the lesson they’re trying to teach the kids.)

As His Excellency The Instapundit says so often:  putting kids into the public school system is no less than child abuse.


  1. Pizza delivered to a public school?
    I’m not surprised.
    Order up about a dozen hookers with blow too while they’re at it.
    A maelstrom of mayhem.

    1. From what I’ve seen of the public school system, there are already plenty of hookers and blow right there. Pizza, not so much.

  2. “Confiscated” the pizzas?

    The man stole them. It was felony theft aggravated by abuse of his position of authority over children.

    I hope the parents do their best to have him prosecuted and fired.

    1. Sadly, school officials have quite a lot of leeway when it comes to confiscation of property — especially if it is “unauthorized”, which is what this weasel would probably hide behind. Not grounds for criminal prosecution, in other words, but certainly grounds for a good slap.

  3. we need to bring back the pillory. Pubic shaming would have a positive effect on bad behavior. Put the miscreant in the stocks for the say with a sign around their neck stating their crime. If they require more education on what they did wrong, sell rotten fruit and vegetables and allow the townspeople to throw it at the perpetrator. As the severity of the crime increases, the lethality of the projectiles can be increased.

    This school official that stole the pizza would benefit from several days in the pillory for theft etc.

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