Glaring Omissions

I note with displeasure the recent rise of attacks on Jews, and see that a couple experts have weighed in on why Jews should be armed.  (I would have thought that the events that led to the sentiment of “Never Again!” would have been reason enough, but anyway.)

In response, the article suggested six guns for Jews to carry:

  • Sig Sauer P365
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 43
  • Smith and Wesson M&P
  • Springfield XD

All good guns, and ones I would carry without a qualm myself (okay, maybe not the Glocks, because reasons).  However, considering that one of the above guns is German, and three others Austrian… I mean, I know  that Jews must have short memories because they appear to have forgotten all about the Holocaust (see above), but sheesh…

If I were a member of the Tribe, I would not only arm myself, I’d make a symbolic gesture by carrying one of these two excellent guns, from Israel’s own eeevil Zionist gunmaker, IWI:

The Jericho is a lovely piece (I’ve fired it many times myself) and the FS and RS variants are available in all three varieties:  9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP (and no prizes for guessing which caliber I’d choose, especially when the .45 ACP was built for a gun designed by a man whose middle name was “Moses”).  The bigger mil-spec Masada (which I haven’t yet had a chance to fire, damn it) looks like a decent piece too, but is only available in 9mm.

I can’t think of a better outcome than for a Jew to shoot a violent anti-Semite in the face with an Israeli gun.


  1. The excellent pistols from the Czech republic, CZ deserve a mention. The Czech people’s Jews certainly paid their dues.

    1. Frankly, I’d pick a CZ — just about any CZ — over the six guns recommended in the article.
      But let’s not be sidetracked, here…

    1. They think that if they can minimize their Jewishness, and show just how good they can be as fervent Leftists they will be spared this time.

  2. Oh, boy. Thanks Kim.

    This ARMED JEW has chosen the Ruger SR9c as my sidearm. It can be stuffed w/ 10- 17- or 33-round magazines. Moreover, I have paired said Ruger with the new 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine, for which I’m expecting a new optic this week.

    For BAG Day 2020, my plan is to add a 1911 to my collection, probably a Springer.

    @pdwalker – some of us have not forgotten. Some have chosen to ignore because guns are regarded as icky. I for one have joined a local group based out of Skokie . . . CCW Shul – which promotes ARMED JEWS being present in Synagogue to help protect the tribe.

      1. Kim,
        You’re no Goy. Nope. You’re an Honorary Member of the Tribe with Olive Branch Clusters. Thanks for the support.
        By the by, the group I referenced is called “CCL Shul” – I misstated the name above. It is open to all, but like I said, seeks to partner with local rabbis to have armed jews in their congregations for the purpose of protecting the flock.
        I’m kinda surprised that “Nitzakhon” didn’t chime in for this post. I know him personally from my time in hell, aka my time living in MA. He frequently lurks around over at Kenny’s place (Knuckledraggin’) and has a corner of the web he calls home “”. His handle means “Victory”.
        Last week I saw some ads for “police turn-ins” of the Jericho for about $350, maybe a bit less. Have to tell you . . . I was tempted. Really really tempted. Had to pass as I have the full-size-9 “itch” already scratched in the form of a Canik TP9SA. That said, I could be tempted by a CZ Shadow, but ~$1,200 is a lot of scratch for a 9mm launcher.
        Up above I mentioned that come BAG Day I’ll be on the hunt for a 1911. Next up after the 1911 I want to go “old school”. By that I mean a wheel-gun in .357 mag. I’m strongly considering a Smith 586 with 6″ barrel.

        @Windy Wilson – you NAILED it . . . they can’t be Jewish and “assimilated” into the leftist cult(ure) at the same time. It flies in the face of Jewish values. That’s partly why so many folk around here affiliate with “reformed” synagogues, and then depart with their urchins in tow immediately after said uchins have become bar/bat mitzvah. And in my geography, bar/bat Mitzvah has become cheapened – I see it more as an excuse to have a big party for your fellow leftists rather than a deeply meaningful “right of passage” on life’s journey. Moreover, their rate of intermarriage is very high – almost 50% – which further serves to dilute the tribal population. Has been that way here in the US since the 1970’s. I myself was raised in a Reform congregation, but all my adult life I felt like something was missing. I’ve found what could be my new spiritual home in a Conservative congregation located in the lefty-liberal bastion of Deerfield, IL.

        Kim, if any of your readers “ping” you about CCL Shul and can’t find it on the web, you have my email address. You may put them in touch with me.

        Have a safe / healthy new year. Be careful of Plano’s amateur idiots.

  3. I kinda like the irony of Jews using Austrian or German guns to shoot anti-Semite thugs.

    Sorta like the Israelis using K-98s and ME-109s to bash Arab armies in their first war of survival.

    1. And given that the French and British have been far worse in their anti-semitism and anti-Israeli actions since the end of WW2, I don’t blame the Jews one bit.

      They simply buy the best they can get from whomever is willing to sell it to them without restrictions on using it for their own purposes.

  4. It doesn’t matter so much about having a specific firearm as much as it matters to have a gun at all.

    Pick a firearm, get training, buy a lot of ammunition. Get intimately knowledgeable about how it works and how effective you can be with it. You’re far better off with a $300 firearm and $700 worth of ammunition and training than you are with a $1k firearm.

    Police can’t be everywhere at once. Time and time again the courts have ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you. Therefore, it is only sensible to prepare for your own safety. Sorry for preaching to the choir.


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