From PJMedia comes this little snippet:

I’m not going to comment on the article itself, but on the poll about which it speaks.

You see, we all know about the attacks on our Second Amendment rights — Virginians most recently, Californians, New Yorkers and Illinoisans in perpetua — and of course we are, and should be, permanently vigilant about those, especially as its the fucking government — federal, state and local — who inflict gun control on us law-abiding citizens (aided and abetted, it should be said, by the Jackals Of The Press — JOTP — who never saw a gun they didn’t hate).

Likewise, the right to a fair trial, and the presumption of innocence, is often trampled upon by the fucking government — where, for example, law enforcement officers can lie to a suspect with impunity in order to extract a confession, but lying to a law enforcement officer carries a prison sentence (ask Martha Stewart).  You could also ask the late Richard Jewell about that — the Fibbies publicly named him a “person of interest”, whereupon the JOTP pounced on that and helped them in their pretrial conviction in the public eye.

It’s the other three freedoms that concern me almost as much, because those are under attack not only by government (e.g. “hate speech” — whatever that is) but also by non-governmental  institutions such as universities, corporations and social media (once again, aided and abetted by the JOTP).  We can all agree that murdering someone is bad;  but shouting “You filthy nigger!” as you murder him, according to the gummint, is somehow much, much  worse.

And you can join a completely fascist organization like Pantifa (despite their name) without penalty, but joining the KKK is OMG so  beyond the pale.  Yeah, I know:  joining a fascist organization is just freedom of association, but joining a racist organization… well, that deserves censure, saith the scolds and bureaucrats.

And FFS:  I’m not supporting the KKK, those morons;  I’m simply saying that freedom of association means you should be able to associate freely with anyone you want.  To my mind, Pantifa is just as bad as the Klan — but if we’re going to shut down an organization because of its lawless activities, how about rounding up and arresting every known member of MS-13?  Never mind, they’re just a Hispanic social club, right?  It is, as they say, to laugh.

Oh, and try to form a men-only club, and see how long it takes for a feminazi-inspired lawsuit to hit your doorstep.

Likewise, if we are free to practice our religion, feel free to wear a yarmulkah in downtown Dearborn in Michigan, just to see what happens.  And good luck wearing that crucifix around your neck as a customer service person working, say, for an airline.  Somehow, the very sight of said religious symbols are “provocative” to the adherents of other religions.  Well, I’m provoked beyond words by those niqabs  and burkas  that Muslim men force on their women, but I’m not going to kick the shit out of the man walking next to a woman so clad — as much as I’d like to.  And I wouldn’t want to ban the stupid clothing, either, unless we have a situation where a woman refuses to remove her veil for a driver’s licence photograph.  (“No face?  No licence” should be the rule, but noooo.)

Yeah, I know that all this is full of pitfalls and contradictions, but that’s all part of living in a free society, isn’t it?

What I’m saying is that we don’t, anymore.  Somehow, we’re having our freedoms circumscribed just because some people think that freedom is fine unless they get offended by the freedom of someone else.  Then it’s time for shitty laws and even worse, penalties.


  1. Good piece. I think you underestimate the threat to self-defense rights by private actors, especially corporations, though. Many (most?) gun-free zones are established by corporations, even in states that have relatively good gun laws. An especially noxious variant is when government allows a corporation e.g. Walmart) to convert an otherwise legal act into a crime by declaring a place to be a gun-free zone. And, of course, you have banksters trying to shut down commerce. While this was initially a government initiative, the banks are continuing even after the government has removed themselves.

    And enough with “some people”. It’s leftists and half the country is them. They will eventually attrit our freedoms down to nothing unless we quit pretending that this is one country and separate from them.

    1. Those that deny you the ability to defend yourself, must assume 100% liability for any injury you suffer at the hand of a criminal 3rd party if they do not provide you with active protection.
      It may not be the state of current law, but it should be.
      And, that liability must be personal.

      1. An imaginative lawyer should be able to make that argument well enough to get past the Demurrer 12(b)(6) failure to state a cause of action. If the Leftists can go forum shopping, why can’t we? Rules are rules, as we have seen at the Federal level, provided someone has the cojones to stand up and fight back.

  2. Pretty much the entire basket encompassed by the 1st, 2nd, & 4th A’s.

    “When in the course of Human Events….”

    1. Speech pertains to print, speech etc., while expression tends to be behavior, e.g. gurning at a politician or flipping off someone. All shades of the same thing, really.

      1. Expression rather than speech is how burning the American flag became protected speech. No one burns the flag in public to stay warm. . .
        Now, contributing money is also an expression of support, so that stain upon the honor of the United States, McCain-Feingold has to go, too.

  3. With great shame, I cannot post what I want to, because the Commonwealth of Virginia will use internet postings as a notion of intent. You are no longer allowed to be pro-2nd-amendment online.

    Weep not for me, weep for thee.

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