1. Leaving lovely Marin County for their early morning commute southward into Frisco California, the on-ramp referee offers a helpful ‘tug’ to Rick and Mike to ‘get the ball rolling’.

  2. Hopefully, their 4am departure will allow Rick and Mike ample time to complete their work-a-day commute into Frisco California.

    Ahhh! The joys of employment in ‘the big city’!

  3. Successful graduates of the Portable Income© series of weekend workshops, and with additional levels of ’empowerment’ under their belts, Rick and Mike leave behind their consumption ‘life-style’… their eyes on a sustainable future without the need for fossil fuels to power their trans-portation.

    In this send-off portrait (framable prints available for only $19.95 each), founder and head facilitator of Portable Income© Madge Abrahamowitch cheers them on.
    With this level of support, their days ahead look rosy indeed!

  4. You know you’ve been a busy girl when your co-workers on the 11pm dockyard shift have to carry you home.

  5. Wistfully gazing upon his heroes Rick and Mike — and barely out of his teens and tiring of those ‘quickies’ in the restroom — cross-dressing neophyte Madge Abrahamowitch realizes he needs to increase his caloric intake if he expects a long-term relationship with ‘the big boys’.

  6. In a provocative image from his ‘Frisco California’ series, innovative artist Art ‘she lost her panties’ Frahm evokes a ‘home-town feel’ in this latest evolution of his ‘Trans In Distress’ offerings.

    And I think we can all agree, the ‘future’ looks ‘rosey’ without those pesky panties distracting from the view!

  7. Entered as Exhibit ‘A’, this still from the surveillance video clearly shows the known pervert Madge Abrahamowitch ‘copping a feel’ during the Donkey-Walk section of the daily Trans Parade in Frisco California.

    Of course, if Rick and Mike didn’t want the attention, neither fellow should dress so enticingly…

  8. Let’s examine this ‘moment in time’, shall we?

    We first notice cross-dressing Madge Abrahamowitch adjusted his purse so it dangles at the level of his genitalias.

    Next, we see his purse is ‘open’, its ‘contents’ freely available for any passers-by to easily access.

    Now, I’m not one to judge, but do these seem the activities of an innocent…

  9. Headlining today’s fashion news, the Chunky Heels section of the daily Trans Parade in Frisco California was a resounding success as demonstrated here by Madge, and Rick and Mike.

    ‘Madge’, his stage name for his popular performances at the slightly scandalous Bottoms Up burlesque club, started the chunky heels trend after an unfortunate incident involving stiletto heels, the darkened edge of the stage, and a fluid of unknown origin.

  10. Great balls o’fire! Give some warning when you post this stuff laddie, there is aught enough ocular brain bleach on the planet to erase that sight.

    1. Yer just a big wuss. If I have to look at it, why shouldn’t I spread the joy, so to speak?

  11. totally inappropriate and late to the party, but I get this mind picture of a well-placed swing with a cricket bat.

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