Every Day

Apparently, last Monday 19th was something called “International Men’s Day” — like National Ammo Day (NAD) wasn’t sufficient reason to celebrate the day (that, and it being my birthday).

As Loyal Readers know well, I can’t stand this custom of making up Hallmark Holidays (NAD notwithstanding) because it’s a load of old bollocks.

Besides, as has often been pointed out to me, every day is “International Men’s Day” on this website.  And just to underscore the point, here’s a completely gratuitous picture of a beautiful gun:

Also a beautiful car:

A lovely woman:

A pretty woman with a beautiful car:

And just to round it all off, here’s a beautiful woman shooting a gun:

“International Men’s Day”, my aching African-American ass.


  1. Kim,
    Pardon my ignorance, but who is the vision of pulchritude in pic #3? And more importantly for the unattached (toxic) male readers in your cabal, how do we remove that wedding ring from her left hand?

    1. Jayne Mansfield. Good luck with the ring removal… Mickey Hargitay would have ripped your arm right out of its socket in the attempt thereof.

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