Quote Of The Day

From some unknown British woman, screaming at a random Muslim guy:

“Do you wanna know why I’m being racist? In my own country? Because it’s your race that’s blowing up our fucking nation!”

You know, in a strange way, she makes perfect sense. Look, I know that “Muslim” is not a race — but it’s the Muzzies (and liberal asswipes) who’ve turned it into a racial issue, instead of a religious and/or cultural one. Every time a Muslim screams “racism” when in fact someone is taking issue with their fucking 9th-century death cult, they’re leaving themselves open to shit like this.

And as for the Muslim feeling unsafe in his own country:  how exactly do you think British Anglos (for want of a better term) feel, when children get blown up at a pop concert and pedestrians get stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament by Muslim fuckheads? (And they are, most definitely, Muslims, by the way, despite attempts at whitewashing by the liberal media.) Do you think they feel safe?  And yes: when you set yourselves up in little Muslim-only ghettoes and neighborhoods where non-Muslim women feel threatened just for wearing a minskirt, when Muslim men set up entire pedophile clubs “because these are infidel girls, so it’s okay”, then how the fuck do you think people are going to treat you? Like one of their own?

Given what Islam has wrought in Britain over the past twenty years, let me tell you:  I’m on this woman’s side more than I am on the random Muslim’s.


  1. A crackdown and loss of freedom is a given in Europe’s future. The only question is will it be Facist in order to clean up this mess or Islamic to complete the takeover? Given two different varities of a shit sandwich, I know which I would prefer.

  2. I’m in accord with those who say that Islam is not a religion, that it’s a socio-political system masquerading as a religion.

    Regardless, it’s certainly nowhere near being civilized in the Western tradition. Their presence in Europe and in North America is subtractive, not in any way additive.

  3. It’s not a socio-cultural system. It’s a death cult. It almost makes communism look better by comparison.

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